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Horses + Media = The Coolest Careers in the World!

Equine interviewing illustrationAmerican Horse Publications is your link to the equine-publishing industry.

Equine publishing is like no other career under the sun: It is all about horses and the people who know, love and work with them every day.

Are you a college student looking for your first fulltime job? Or perhaps you’re ready for a career change? If you enjoy horses and media, employment opportunities exist in the equine-publishing industry. Some of the options are writing, editing, photography, graphic or Web design, marketing, advertising and sales, finance and business management.

If this sounds like a career for you, read on.

“Being an AHP student member and attending the annual conferences was VITAL in helping me establish contacts in the equine industry….”
--2008 AHP member survey response

Graphic design
Web design
Print advertising sales
Web advertising sales
Sales manager
Business & Marketing
Advertising agencies
Public relations
Newsstand sales
Internet technology
Track/show publicity
Equine event promotion
What types of career opportunities are available in equine publishing? Equine publishing is more than interviewing, writing and photography. It relies on every aspect of the business world to run smoothly.

How can I get into equine publishing?

Education: Some professionals have successfully made careers in equine publishing without college educations, but most have at least a four-year degree. AHP members have studied subjects ranging from equine science to Web design.

Experience: Employers in all industries seek job candidates with track records of meeting deadlines and completing multiple projects. AHP has an Internship Handbook that specifically helps students and horse enthusiasts break into the equine-publishing industry.

Networking: Equine publishing is a relatively small, niche market. Horse shows, equine-industry tradeshows and other equine events are great places to develop professional contacts.

Join AHP: AHP offers affordable memberships for publications, corporate businesses, organizations, colleges, affiliates and students. AHP also offers an internship program, student mentoring program and scholarships. Every June, AHP presents a three-day seminar with educational sessions, networking opportunities, tours and an awards banquet.

“Internships are key…employers loved the amount of experience I gained during my internships. Internships also help you figure out exactly what you want to do.”
--2008 AHP member survey response

Equine Publishing & AHP Members

American Horse Publications is the professional organization for the equine-publishing industry. Started in 1970, the organization has more than 450 members, including more than 150 publications.

AHP recently surveyed its membership regarding individual educational and career experiences. Note the following:

Equine journalist illustration

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