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American Horse Publications (AHP) is a non-profit association for the equine publishing media industry. Its members include equine-related print publications, digital media, professionals, students, organizations and businesses.

AHP Newsgroup — Recently released equine news from our members

9/12/2014 Horse Expo Events Announce 2015 Dates
  Riding & Writing: Current Interview Series Equestrians from Around the World
  California Dreamin': Beyond the Ordinary Equine Photography Workshop with Scott Trees
  Sudden Behavior Changes in Your Horse - What is the Source?
  IHSA Sees 37% Increase in Sponsorship in 2013-2014
  Photos and Stories Available from Spruce Meadows "Masters"
  Are You Ready to Become a Published Author?
9/11/2014 GGT-Footing Introduces GGT - Stall-EZ
  Kensington Protective Products, Inc. Announces Turnout Combos
  New Earn Your Spurs Blog and Podcast Feeds Cowboy Curiosity
  Mounted Games at the Central Park Horse Show
  The New The Web Gets Western
  More Than 50, 000 Entries, One Lucky Winner of The EQUUS Trailer Giveaway Sweepstakes Brought to You by Vita Flex and Featherlite
  Charles Owen Riders Shine at the 2014 World Equestrian Games
  Barefoot vs Shod: Get the Best of Both Worlds with Razerhorse
9/10/2014 Win a Millcreek 27+ Traditional Compact Horse Manure Spreader
  Practical Horseman's Live Streaming of American Gold Cup Starts Wednesday
  Parelli Natural Horsemanship Launches Mini Parelli
  AHP Award-Winning Equinista LA Pomeroy Signs as Editor for Eat Meat and Be Happy
  Winner of the 'Train with the Stars' Contest Announced
9/9/2014 Kastel Denmark Pleased to Sponsor Major Fall Shows
  McCarron, Jenkins, and Crump to Judge America's Most Wanted Thoroughbred Contest
9/8/2014 Certified Horsemanship Association Radio Show and Webinar Topics for September
  Galvin to Standardbred Chaplaincy
  Already 4000 Images Online of the World Equestrian Games by Arnd Bronkhorst Photography