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AHP Newsgroup: Omega Fields® Partners with the American Buckeye Club


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Patrick J. Young
Director of Communications
Omega Fields®
Ph:  920-550-4061 Ext. 118

Newton, WI, June 6, 2012 – Omega Fields®, the premiere manufacturer of Omega-3-rich, ground flaxseed supplements for animals, is pleased to announce their association with the American Buckeye Club (ABC) and sponsorship of ABC's Annual Club Meet, June 9, 2012 in Canfield, Ohio.  Meet attendees visiting the ABC table will receive valuable how-to information about the care and raising of Buckeye chickens, learn about the many benefits Omega-3 has for flock health and egg production, and enter to win Omega-3-rich Omega Ultra Egg™. Bags of Omega Ultra Egg will also be awarded as prizes to Open and Junior class Buckeye Champions.

The American Buckeye Club was established in 1909 by Nettie Metcalf, the breed's creator. The club, disbanded for a number of years, was resurrected in May 2008 by a few Ohio based Buckeye breeders with the goal of preserving the Buckeye breed. Through the ABC, its 200-plus members learn to understand and adhere to the American Poultry Association (APA) Standard of Perfection to produce better quality fowl. The club offers a tremendous amount of information and data about proper feeding and nutrition.

Jeff Lay, one of the co-founders of the ABC, stated, "Many ABC members are ardent advocates of supplementing poultry feed with Omega-3 essential fatty acids to promote brilliant plumage, better health and Omega-3-rich eggs with strong shells. We believe our members (and other poultry breeders) can benefit by using Omega Ultra Egg."

Omega Ultra Egg is the superior supplement with the best, whole-ground flaxseed high in Omega-3, folic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin B-12. It is milled using only whole, intact flaxseeds for optimum nutritional value and freshness, with proprietary stabilization technology to maintain full nutritional value, guaranteed for 18 months.

"Buckeyes really benefit from Omega-3 supplementation and Omega Ultra Egg™ is the best product on the market for getting greater amounts of Omega-3 into your eggs," said Lay. "It's easy to use – Buckeye chickens love it – and the effects are near immediate. Omega Ultra Egg is the best supplement to help your Buckeyes win Best in Show! It will also improve laying rates, flock health, and overall egg quality."
Omega Ultra Egg is available at over 3,000 retail stores, nationwide. Visit the Omega Fields' Dealer Locator on their website,, for a store near you.

About Omega Fields
Omega Fields® provides premium, nutritional products, made from human-grade, non-GMO, stabilized ground flaxseed, rich in fiber and antioxidants, and containing the optimum ratio of the full spectrum of Omega Fatty Acids for equine, canine, poultry and human nutrition. 

Omega Fields® and its parent company, ENRECO®, Inc. have been innovators and market leaders for more than 25 years, being the first in the industry to manufacture premium, Omega-3-rich, human food-grade, flax based products for animal and human consumption.  ENRECO® was also a pioneer in developing ground flaxseed stabilization technology for long product shelf life and was the first in the flaxseed industry to garner SQF 2000, Level 3 certification – a world standard of safety and quality – for its flaxseed products.

Omega Fields® is recognized as a minority owned business.  Its mission is to offer the finest quality, most nutritious products at fair prices, and to provide outstanding customer service.  We want our customers to have exceptional experiences with our products, our staff, our websites and our retailers.

For further information, contact Patrick Young, Omega Fields Director of Communications, toll free at 1-800-962-9536 or 920-550-4061, ext. 118, email, or visit or