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Newsgroup Guidelines

The AHP Newsgroup is a benefit of membership and provides members with timely information about AHP activities and newsworthy items. On approval, submissions are sent from the AHP administrative office to the current list of AHP member e-mail addresses. Submissions must contain information about an AHP member, and may be submitted by a non-member on behalf of the member. An AHP member is defined by the name the current membership is listed.

Submissions must include information that would be of interest to the general membership. Solicitations are not allowed other than for recognized charitable organizations. Messages should not include statements that may harm the reputation or relationship with a fellow AHP member.

Messages should be sent as text in an e-mail message to

Attached files, such as PDF and images, will not be used. Messages may contain links, however images, logos or attached files will not be included or distributed. Members are urged to include contact information on image availability.

Members are limited to two press releases per month with no rollover if unused. These news items are also listed and archived online at for easy reference under Communication.

AHP has not verified the factual statements in any message and AHP assumes no responsibility for the contents of, or any damage resulting from, any communication in the Newsgroup. Publication in the Newsgroup is not an endorsement by the organization of any product, person, or policy.

For more information, contact Chris Brune at or 386-760-7743.