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American Horse Publications Honors Three Individuals with the 2013 AHP Champion Awards in Colorado Springs


In 2007, American Horse Publications created the AHP Champion Award which is presented to individuals who are instrumental in the development and growth of the association. Collectively, the winners are known as the AHP Circle of Champions.


The Executive Committee presented its recommendations for nominees at its mid-year meeting, where the Board approved awarding the 2013 AHP Champion Award to three individuals.


The 2013 AHP Champion Award inductees were announced at the AHP Meet at the Peak Seminar in Colorado Springs, on June 22, 2013, during the Special Awards Luncheon.

AHP is truly grateful for these individuals who played an instrumental role in the growth of the association.

AHP Circle of Champions



2012 AHP Champion Presentation (movie mp4 file) 7:30


2011 AHP Champion Award Presentation (PPTX 1.39MB)


2010 AHP Champion Award Presentation (PPT2007)



2009 AHP Champion Award Presentation PPT2007

2009 AHP Champion Award Presentation PPT2003



2008 AHP Champion Award Presentation   PPT



2007 AHP Champion Award Presentation     PPT (289KB)