AHP Chris Brune Spirit Award

AHP congratulates Tracy Gantz, the 2019 recipient of the AHP Chris Brune Spirit Award.

Past AHP President and long time member, Tracy Gantz, was awarded the AHP Chris Brune Spirit Award in Albuquerque, New Mexico, during the 2019 Equine Media Conference. Gantz, who was unable to attend, sent this message to the members.

The AHP Chris Brune Spirit Award is presented to the member or staff who has done the most consistently to assist and support the association. The individual is selected by the Board of Directors and honored at the annual AHP Equine Media Conference.

Past AHP Spirit Award Recipients

Becki Pitcher(2010)

Christy West (2009)

Becki Pitcher(2010)

Christy West (2009)

Daniel K. Lew(2008)

Ellen Kiser (2007)

Barrie Reightler (2006)

Lua Oas Southard (2005)

Chris Brune (2004 Inaugural)