AHP Fourth Equine Industry Survey sponsored by Zoetis™

AHP Fourth Equine Industry Survey sponsored by Zoetis™

2018 American Horse Publications Equine Industry Survey Indicates Stabilization, Changes in Health Management, and Additional Challenges for Riding and Open Spaces

American Horse Publications (AHP) conducted its fourth online nationwide equine industry survey sponsored by Zoetis from January 22, 2018, through April 1, 2018. The survey’s three main objectives are: to gauge participation trends and management practices in the U.S. equine industry; to identify critical issues facing the equine industry as perceived by those who own or manage horses; and to better understand approaches to horse health care.

As in previous surveys, participation was limited to men and women, 18 years of age and older, who currently own or manage at least one horse and live in the United States. This study was anonymous, meaning no one, not even members of the research team, are able to associate survey information with responses.

Upon conclusion of the survey, more than 9,000 usable responses were collected. The survey was promoted through online and print notifications from AHP members as well as via social networking channels.

C.Jill Stowe, Ph.D. has provided consultation and data analysis services to AHP for all four of the AHP Equine Industry Surveys. Dr. Stowe is an associate professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky.

“The 2018 AHP Equine Industry Survey builds upon the 2009-2010, 2012, and 2015 surveys to help understand the trajectory of the equine industry,” reports Dr. Stowe. She shares five main results conclusions that can be drawn from this year’s study.

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The online survey is made possible by a sponsorship from Zoetis, the leading animal health company dedicated to improving equine wellness, every day. Zoetis has sponsored the survey since its inception in 2009.

For additional key survey findings on horse health, read the release from Zoetis: Horse Owners Place Significant Trust in Their Veterinarian, New Survey Reveals