How to Apply for an AHP Student Internship

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AHP functions solely as the umbrella organization for the Internship Program. Interns must apply to the individual AHP member, and each participating AHP member will choose its own interns based on its needs and the intern’s completed application package. In every case, however, strong consideration is given to publication journalism or production experience as well as an interest in the horse industry. This will be demonstrated by:

  1. Academic courses in journalism, (including writing, editing, reporting,) advertising, communication, graphic design, public relations, marketing or photography
  2. Involvement in campus publication (magazine, newspaper or newsletter)
  3. Background in horses
  4. Previous related internships or work experiences

Prospective interns must fill out the application and submit it with the other required materials to the contact person listed. A complete application includes:

  1. Application form signed by prospective intern and dean or department head.
  2. Personal essay detailing the student’s interest in equine publishing, what they hope to gain from the internship experience, what they hope to contribute, overall plans for their equine publishing career, and additional information expanding on courses taken, previous internships, positions on school publication, and/or publications regularly read.
  3. Letter of recommendation from one or more of the following who know the student’s abilities well:
  4. Dean
  5. Department head
  6. Professor
  7. School Newspaper, Magazine advisor
  8. Riding instructor

All applications must be typewritten. Incomplete applications, or applications with poor grammar, syntax, and spelling, will not be considered. Application material becomes the property of the participating AHP member and will not be returned.

Student Internship Application [Word]

Student Internship Application-PDF [PDF]

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