AHP Member Guidelines for Student Internship

Here’s what AHP members will expect from an intern and their responsibilities to provide a meaningful internship


AHP Member’s Expectations

  • to expect a serious, creative and enthusiastic worker with a willingness to embrace any publishing-related job.
  • to expect an individual who takes an active interest in learning about a variety of aspects of equine publishing.
  • to expect a courteous employee, who will represent the AHP member in a professional manner at all times.


AHP Member’s Responsibilities

  • to be prepared to keep the intern occupied with meaningful tasks that contribute to overall production and any areas of specialization.
  • to dedicate time to intern training and supervision.
  • to furnish the intern with direction, assignments, and special projects offering guidance and support to help the intern develop their own material.
  • to make every effort to increase the level of the intern’s responsibility and contributions.
  • to provide compensation by college credit, wage or stipend if possible.
  • to provide a real-life and hands-on educational experience.
  • to encourage the intern’s interest in pursuing a career in equine publishing.

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