Podcast Editor

The Equine Network produces a wide variety of podcasts for horse enthusiasts—from Beyond the Saddle, which covers careers in the horse industry, to The Score, which brings listeners all they need to know about team roping. We are looking for a remote summer intern to help with the editing, production, and marketing of our podcasts. With more than a dozen episodes being produced across our brands each month, interns will gain experience crafting content for a variety of podcast formats and audiences.

This position is fully remote and will continue to be remote throughout the duration of the internship. Hours will be flexible; may work between 10–20 hours per week.


Availability: Summer
Duties: Edit episode audio provided by producers, engage with editorial teams to produce podcast content, help create social media posts to promote podcasts, edit episode transcriptions
Requirements: Demonstrated ability editing and mixing audio, or an exceptional ability to learn, college student or recent graduate, have own computer and internet access, having own editing software is preferred, work well independently, experience with horses is strongly preferred
Compensation: Monthly stipend
Housing Provided: None
Contact: Lauren Feldman
Equine Network