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Legislative, Regulatory, Marketing (9-17-2018)

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AHC Announces August 22, 2022, Webinar Top 10 Things the Equine Community Needs to Know About Equine Liability Laws (8-1-2022)

AHC Announces August 17, 2022, Town Hall Meeting to Encourage Formation/Activation of State Horse Councils (8-1-2022)

Rep Henry Cuellar (D-TX) Receives AHC Rolapp Award (7-15-2022)

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Call to Action to Support “The Old Guard” (6-13-2022)

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Speakers Set for AHC’s 2022 Annual Meeting June 5th – 7th  (4-11-2022)

AHC Annual Award Nominations Open (4-5-2022)

Mersant International LTD Partners with the American Horse Council (AHC) on 2022 Annual Conference (3-24-2022)

New U.S. Forest Service Guidance on Use of Equestrian Campsites (3-14-2022)

American Horse Council Board Elects New At-Large Trustees (3-9-2022)

Call for Applicants for American Horse Council (AHC) At-Large Board Opportunities (2-1-2022)

AHC Announces February 14th, 2022, Webinar (1-20-2022)

AHC Accepting Applications for Several 2022 Virtual Student Internships (1-12-2022)

2022– Call for Horse Industry Directory Listings (1-4-2022)

AHC Welcomes New Government Affairs Liaison – Mark Riso (11-15-2021)

AHC 2021 Virtual Congressional Fly-in Big Success (11-5-2021)

AHC Announces November 15, 2021 Webinar Featuring Compton Cowboys Founder – Randy Savvy (11-1-2021)

AHC Announces October 28th Virtual Congressional Fly-in (9-29-2021)

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AHC Membership Drive Winner Announced (9-9-2021)

Horse Power – AHC Announces Membership Drive! (8-4-2021)

AHC Announces Congressional Scorecard (7-21-2021)

AHC Board of Trustees Announces New Officers (7-15-2021)

Celebrate National Meet a Horse Day on July 17th (7-13-2021)