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Bolender’s Mountain Trail Adding 3rd Clinic To Dates In June (5-31-2022)

Nashville’s Templeton Thompson To Hold Concert at Monty Roberts’ Event in June (5-31-2022)

First in California Mountain Trail Course at Monty Roberts’ Farm (4-30-2022)

A Playground for Horses & People Too (4-30-2022)

Monty Roberts, Equine Visionary (3-31-2022)

Monty Roberts Adds a Mark Bolender Mountain Trail Course to His Training Center at Flag Is Up Farms (3-31-2022)

Happiness, Health & Horses 2022 (2-28-2022)

The Making of a Mountain Trail (2-28-2022)

Join Monty Roberts February or April for Gentling Wild Horses! (1-31-2022)

Horsemanship Radio Interviews Monty Roberts on 200th Episode (1-31-2022)

Monty Roberts’ Horse Sense & Healing Program Featured in Google’s 2021 Year in Search Magazine (12-21-2021)

The Movement 2021 is Out on Vimeo (11-30-2021)

Consider Year-End Support for Horse Sense & Healing (11-30-2021)

Personal Coaching from Monty Roberts, for You and Your Horse (10-31-2021)

Jackson’s Paddock Paradise & Hooves Built, Not Carved (10-31-2021)

Horsemanship Radio Interviews the Face of American Polo (9-30-2021)

Trainer Chosen by Monty Roberts & Queen Elizabeth II is Teaching in California (9-30-2021)

Monty Roberts: New 2022 Dates Added in Sunny California   (8-31-2021)

Monty Roberts Seeking Interns for his Horse Adoption Program  (8-31-2021)

Monty Roberts Training in California in August (7-31-2021)

Stars Aligned to Bring Monty and Starlight Together  (7-31-2021)

Join-Up Opportunities to See Monty’s Mission in Action (6-11-2021)

Stars Aligned to Bring The Movement 2021 to Life (6-10-2021)

Horses Bring Hope to Humanity: The Movement 2021 (5-31-2021)

Monty Roberts Turns 86, Up for the AHP Equine Industry Vision Award (5-18-2021)

Meet the Trailblazers!   (4-30-2021)

Monty Roberts Joins the ASPCA’s Adopt A Horse Month Initiative (4-23-2021)

Monty Roberts Training in Kentucky and California  (3-31-2021)

Gentling Wild Horses Course in California (3-31-2021)

Trailblazing Horsewomen Livestream on International Women’s Day March 8  (2-28-2021)

Transition Horse Program Seeking Interns & Horses from The Right Horse Partners  (2-28-2021)

New 2021 Dates Added in Sunny California (1-31-2021)

Horsemanship Radio Interviews Million $ Riders (1-31-2021)

Monty Roberts International Learning Center 2021 Dates in Sunny California  (12-31-2020)

Grateful for Horses   (12-31-2020)