Regina Schinker

Newsgroup Posts

“Horse Industry Podcast”:  The Shoe Shack with Denise Colclasure (4-28-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Pony Express (4-28-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Special Release Kristy Doyle Barn Fire  (3-29-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Ukrainian Riding Horses (3-24-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Cars Named After Horses (3-10-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Buster Welch: One of the Three Texas Gods (2-17-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Terri Donsbach – Equine Performance Enhancing Counseling Expert (2-7-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Tips From Long-Ago Trainers: Lanham Riley (2-2-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Dr. Jorge Valdes Cocaine Drug Lord and AQHA Owner/Breeder (1-24-2022)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Dr. Dave – A Chat with the Official Farrier of the APHA World Show (12-1-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Robin Hutton Author of Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse (11-8-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: The Cheryl Rude Murder and the Disappearance of the Indiana Dunes Trio (10-18-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Equine Bone and Joint Health (Including a Discussion on Lunging and Injections!) with Alyssa Logan, Ph.D. Candidate (10-11-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Sergeant Reckless, the Korean War’s Brave Little Mare (10-1-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Trigger and Roy Rogers… and Little Trigger (9-21-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Interview with POA, APHA, PtHA Youth Show Sisters Kimber and Kinzie Cobbs (9-15-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Severe Weather Prep and Gunner the Hurricane Horse (9-9-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Three-part Episode on the Mysterious Death of 1950’s Equestrian Joan Robinson Hill Explored (8-30-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast” Explores the Mysterious Otherworldly Demise of Snippy (8-2-2021)

“Horse Industry Podcast”: Free, New Podcast for Horse Lovers (7-6-2021)