Member Promotion for 2018 AHP Equine Industry Survey

Encourage your readers and audiences to take the 2018 Equine Industry Survey at

The 2018 AHP Equine Industry Survey launched on January 22, 2018 and AHP members are encouraged to promote the survey link ( to their readers, site visitors and equine communities between now and April 1, 2018.

The previous three AHP Equine Industry Surveys each reached over 10,000 hands-on horse industry participants in the United States.  AHP will strive to exceed that number with the 2018 survey, but we need YOU to make this happen. This is a wonderful opportunity for AHP members to come together and gather information that can benefit us all, so spread the word!

Here are the materials to help you promote the survey.

AHP members should use any and all print, digital, social media and community means to encourage their audiences and customers to participate in this survey. The press release about the 2018 survey is available as a reference.

To help you promote the survey in your print media, AHP has created a variety of ad sizes as [PDF] embedded with the survey link Click on ad sizes below to download in PDF format. 

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Ad 728x90

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Ad 468x60

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Ad 300x250

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Ad 284x120

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Ad 180x150

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Ad 160x600

To help you promote the survey online and in social media, AHP has created images to use with the survey link Use "save image as" to download.

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Image Facebook

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Image Twitter

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Image LinkedIn

AHP 2018 Equine Industry Survey Image Instagram

Promote the survey, receive results first.

Any AHP member who participates in promoting the survey in print, digitally, or at community events will be eligible to receive the survey results prior to its release to the AHP membership. The general equine industry may request a summary of this new information by contacting the AHP office after September 15, 2018.

To verify your participation, please provide the following to the AHP office.

Print promotion: Send a PDF or tearsheet of the printed release or survey promotion by e-mail to or by mail to: American Horse Publications, 49 Spinnaker Circle, South Daytona, FL 32119.

Digital or social media promotion: Send a screenshot of the press release or survey promotion that has been published online on your website or via your social media pages to

Community promotion: Send an e-mail message describing the event and how you promoted the survey.

Hashtag: #ahphorsesurvey2018

If you do not choose to participate in promoting the survey, you will receive the survey results 30 days after they have been released to the participating members.

The survey, which is hosted every three years, will gauge participation trends and management practices in the U.S. equine industry, identify critical issues facing the equine industry as perceived by those who own or manage horses, and better understand issues pertaining to horse health.

Those eligible to participate in the survey are men and women, 18 years of age and older, who currently own or manage at least one horse and live in the United States. This survey is anonymous. No one, not even members of the research team, will be able to associate information with responses. When the survey results are tallied, only aggregated results will be presented.

AHP thanks Zoetis for their partnership in continuing to sponsor this important survey.

Please direct all questions to: Chris Brune, American Horse Publications,