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Amanda MacDonald, Founder of Full Gallop Communications, is a life-long equestrian and understands the importance of keeping our horses healthy, happy and well-appointed. And with over 15 years of experience in marketing at the national and global level, she can help you to translate your equine-based business goals into a marketing strategy that drives sales.

“As we work together to identify and refine your unique story, I’ll teach you to efficiently find and connect with new and existing customers. It doesn’t need to be complex, just tailored to your place in the industry, and your current goals,” says MacDonald.  “It’s a pleasure to offer my services and knowledge to those who make my own life more enjoyable, and to bring better visibility to products and services for the equestrian world.

Working her way up through non-profit, large health-care system and global manufacturing marketing leadership roles, MacDonald brings a deep understanding and appreciation of marketing and strategy to both product manufacturers and retailers.  With sensitivity to appropriate messaging, brand value, and outstanding customer service with careful attention to what the end-customer appreciates, she has honed her ability to develop targeted messaging and positioning. MacDonald has mastered marketing strategy, branding, website production and digital media marketing, and led successful projects to bring it all together.

“The fact that I can bring two important areas of my life together and work with like-minded people makes me incredibly happy. There are a dizzying array of ways to get customer attention and it can be overwhelming for a business to decide what to do. I help walk my clients through that process to make sound decisions.”

Knowledge, passion, and hard work – that’s Full Gallop Communications.

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As a life-long equestrian, Founder, Amanda MacDonald understands the importance of keeping our horses healthy, happy and well-appointed.  As an experienced marketing consultant she helps equine- and pet-based businesses refine their marketing strategy to attract more pre-qualified customers. She can be found most days in front of her laptop or practicing in the dressage arena.

Full Gallop Communications can help you build a brand and approach that drives sales with SEO, strategy and digital marketing options. For more information visit

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