Risk Versus Reward ~ Time to Kick On

Do you have Spring Fever? I do. Restless and excited. Just like the horses are at this time of year. Your New Year resolutions and business plans are fading into the background and achieving your goals and targets (which I am sure you set yourself because it would be daft not to do so), are somewhere far ahead on the horizon. Around the next corner. Over the next hill. Past the next fence.

Your publication has a fresh new look and feel and you have updated all your social media channels with a myriad of horsey pictures, witty and engaging comments that jump off the page as the reader scans through their daily fix of all thinks social. You have so much free time to take care of all the necessary content and you are not at all jaded or running on gas fumes as you pilot your way around the social media course. Well done you!

Your latest product is not collecting mold like an unused saddle from eons ago. You do not pull the product off the shelf every year just to clean it and put it back again. Or do you? Is your warehouse full of new stock or old? Goodness you don’t need a liquidation sale of old stock from 2016 do you? Oh dear. That’s not good. That’s not good. At all.

Think of business development as heading around the Rolex course. There are obstacles to overcome and you sometimes need to rush at breakneck speed between them. Sometimes you will kick on and just sail over a fence. Sometimes you will choose the safe option and take some time to go around. Other times you will take the shortcut. The time saver, the difficult route. You may even gallop blindly (and foolishly at great risk) to fences and pray that your horse can handle the difficulty with minimal pilot help from you. The leader of your brigade. There it is, the finish line. You blast though the timers, pull up and turn your horse around to check the results board. You thought you had done really well. O.K. Well apart from the run out at fence three, and the fall at the water jump. But then you didn’t have anyone to help train you through that unforgiving water jump so you had little choice but to just hope your horse would manage. Somehow. Not your fault. Ah, but the results board reads faults. And your score is disappointing. You pat your horse anyway because after all he did his best. But did you? Did you prepare properly and take the best route?

Well what can you do? Puzzle face. Head in hands. Heavy sigh. Yes, I see and hear you.

Call on me! I can fill your publication with fun content. Deadline looming? No problem. Choose from my store of stock pieces offered as One Time and now also First Time Rights at the click of a button. You receive them with photos within 72 hours. Is your product sitting on that shelf gathering age and no buyers in sight? Let me guide you over the fence, through the water and jump your business safely out the other side still full of energy to press on to the next obstacle. Social media help is to hand, just slip me the reins. Is your website tired, old fashioned and boring. Does it need a little pep? Let me kick on and give it some life. My driving ‘aids’ are at hand to work for you. Cost effective, individually tailored package pricing to complete one task or a union of a few. Success in most things does after all, take a team effort.

Please visit my website at http://wwwNikkiAlvinSmithStudio.com to learn more about the services I offer. Or go on. Pick up the phone and give me a ring. Time is of the essence you know, whichever course you take. Don’t leave your business languishing at the starting box. All riled up but with little clue where to go. You wouldn’t attempt a course like Rolex without professional help would you? Of course not. And you don’t need to manage without professional, proven and experienced help any longer.

See you in the Winner’s Circle. Ooh. And don’t forget to bring the champagne!

About Nikki:
Internationally published freelance writer, photographer and equestrian Nikki Alvin-Smith offers “Engaging Content that Engages Riders to Read “with unique and fresh material for your magazine, website, newsletter, blog and email blast sales machine. She has been published in many noted magazines such as The Chronicle of the Horse, Horse All, Dressage and CT. Her bio info is available on her ‘Welcome to My World’ page here http://www.nikkialvinsmithstudio.com/about.htm

An array of stock material articles are available for immediate publication a sampling of titles may be viewed at http://www.NikkiAlvinSmithStudio.com  In addition to ‘short burst ‘ articles Nikki Alvin-Smith also provides articulate training works based on her experience as a proven international level Grand Prix dressage competitor/trainer. Samples of these together with her photographic works can be found on her blog at http://classicaldressageartinmotion.blogspot.com/ including the very popular series on Flying Changes http://classicaldressageartinmotion.blogspot.com/2012/04/flying-changes-simple-tips-to-help-you.html.

As a Brit who has called America home for the past thirty-four years, Nikki Alvin-Smith brings a unique perspective to the equestrian world.

Contact: Nikki Alvin-Smith
Professional Freelance Writer/PRMarketing Specialist/Journalist/Blogger
Tel: 607-434-4470

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