Getting a Leg Up on Equine Arthritis

How LEGEND® (hyaluronate sodium) Maintains Healthy Joints

Learn more about how LEGEND treats joint dysfunction due to synovitis associated with equine osteoarthritis in our new video, Getting a Leg Up on Equine Arthritis.

Young or old, every horse sustains joint damage when they train. Or compete.   “I think the goal for all horse people is to work around joint damage and get in on the front end of things so you’re not having those issues later on in life,” Dakota Griffith, trainer, says. “And I’ve been able to do that with LEGEND.”   “Treating a synovial problem, the earlier you can intervene with a product that will keep the synovial joint intact before osteoarthritis develops, the better the chances are to prevent any long-term damage to the joint,” Johnnie Copeland, DVM, says. “So that’s one of the number of reasons we use LEGEND in our regimen.”   Elle Young and Laine Ashker, both competitors, want to keep their horses at the top of their game to compete at the highest level.   “It takes everything for me to make sure I get where I need to be, and I get what I need to get done,” Young says. “And to think about my horse not being at 110 percent is not an option.”

“When you’re competing as often as we do every weekend, you don’t want to get stuck on the sidelines,” Ashker says.

For full prescribing information for LEGEND, call 1-888-MERIAL-1, visit, or talk to your veterinarian.   IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: The safety of LEGEND has not been evaluated in breeding stallions or in breeding, pregnant or lactating mares. The following adverse reactions have been reported following use of LEGEND Injectable Solution: Following intravenous use: occasional depression, lethargy, and fever. Following intra-articular (LEGEND Injectable Solution – 2 mL only) use: lameness, joint effusion, joint or injection site swelling, and joint pain.
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