CPI Florida Scholarships and Rider Resumes Deadlines Approaching

College-bound riders take note: deadlines are approaching for the 2018 College Prep Invitational (CPI) Florida, which takes place January 12-14, 2018 at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in West Palm Beach. After December 1st, applicants will incur a $50.00 late fee – submit your application now and save at www.collegeprepinvitational.com/cpi-florida/

Rider Resumes - Promote Your Background and Academic Skills
One of the primary goals of the CPI Horse Show is to help promote high school student riders to equestrian colleges and universities they are interested in applying to.  The resume is a full-page ad that includes their education, volunteer service, awards and skills/academic achievements to provide a well-rounded profile of each rider. The cost per rider resume is $100.00 and the deadline to submit your resume is December 1, 2017, submit your rider resume today by visiting www.collegeprepinvitational.com/2018-cpi-florida-rider-resume/ .

CPI Scholarships & Educational Fund Opportunities & Deadlines

Important dates and information for Scholarships available through the CPI Scholarship & Educational Fund are as follows:

CPI Essay Scholarship Award

Entry Deadline:

CPI Florida Horse Show Participants: December 1, 2017
CPI Texas Horse Show Participants: February 1, 2018

Please visit our CPI Essay Scholarship Award page for a complete list of rules and submission information

CPI Written Horsemanship Test Award

Entry Deadline:

CPI Florida Available online till December 1, 2017

CPI Texas Available online till February 1, 2018

Please visit our CPI Horsemanship Test Scholarship Award page for a complete list of rules and submission login and information.

CPI Practical Horsemanship Challenge

Entry Deadline:

CPI Florida sign up online till December 1, 2017

Please visit our CPI Practical Horsemanship Challenge page for a complete list of rules, information and to sign up.

CPI Photojournalistic Scholarship Award

Entry Deadline:

CPI Florida Horse Show Deadline: February 16, 2018

CPI Texas Horse Show Deadline: April 15, 2018

Please visit our CPI Photojournalistic Scholarship Award page for a complete list of rules and submission information.

CPI Champion of Service Award

Entry Deadline:

CPI Florida deadline is December 1, 2017

CPI Texas deadline is February 1, 2018

Please visit our CPI Champion of Service Scholarship Award page for a complete list of rules and submission information.

 About the College Preparatory Invitational
The CPI is a three-day event designed to educate student riders about the different formats of college equestrian competitions and provide riders with resources to help them create their desired college equestrian experience. Riders in grades 8 through 12 have a chance to win scholarships in hunt seat equitation competition and participate in educational presentations throughout the event. In an effort to encourage academic excellence and embed social integrity as a lifelong commitment to the equestrian sport, the CPI Scholarship and Educational Fund also awards riders the opportunity to win scholarships for academics and community service. To learn more about the CPI, please visit www.collegeprepinvitational.com.

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