What to Get the Senior Horse That Has Everything – For Christmas

It’s always nice to get your horse a little something for Christmas – whether it’s a new halter, blanket, or a bag of treats.

But for the senior horse, who has been owned for a while, chances are it may already have a lot of those things.  And for these older horse some of the best gifts you can get them might be free, or at least, inexpensive.

“Giving your senior horse something that makes them healthier and more comfortable is the best Christmas gift you can give,” says Laurie Cerny, editor of www.equineseniors.com

Many of the things compiled by www.equineseniors.con for this year’s “A Senior Horse’s Christmas Wish List” are gifts that will keep on giving the rest of the year.

Cerny adds, “If the gift helps in keeping your senior horse more mobile, and or lessens the chance of illness or injury, the New Year will be all the more better.”

A Senior Horse’s Christmas Wish List

A deeply bedded stall

More free-turnout time and/or a run-in stall

A fly mask light enough to see thru with enough room for my eyes

A good massage, or for DIYers- a pair of  HandsOn Gloves

A fly mask on windy days to keep dust/hay out of my eyes

Low sugar treats that are good for me like Omega Fields Nibblers

A good mobility supplement for my joints

Dust free bedding and hay

A warmed bit on a cold winter's day

Less lounging in small circles and more in-hand walking/trotting

A good fitting saddle

An orthopedic saddle pad

A dental check-up

Smaller rations of hay fed several times a day

A slow feed hay bag/net

Clean drinking water 24/7

Warm drinking water during the winter

A horse trailer with a ramp (easier step-up/out for arthritic horses)

Unconditional love

Understanding on the days I don't move as fast or well as a used to

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