The Freelance Remuda Offers Mentorship Program

In January 2018, the Freelance Remuda launched The Freelance Remuda Mentorship Program for aspiring freelance communicators and those wishing to grow a freelance business. The program consists of three mentorship plans, varying from one-time sessions to long-term learning programs, that cover goal setting, pitch and portfolio review, and brand and marketing advice.

In 2017, The Freelance Remuda Podcast produced 26 episodes for freelance professionals looking to navigate the equine media frontier. While co-hosts Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars plan to offer quarterly podcasts in 2018, the mentorship program is the next step in aiding their fellow professionals.

The Mentorship Program is limited to a few mentees. It evolves the freelance tools Boatwright and Bradley Byars introduced in the podcast to offer a personalized, specific plan to help each freelancer elevate their business.

“The program came to us because you guys have had great questions, and editors have shared a desire for aspiring freelancers to receive guidance in some areas,” says Bradley Byars. “We’ve shared a lot of information on the podcast, but getting down to your individual needs is hard to do on that platform. So, mentorship is where we begin! Ultimately, our goal is to continue gathering our Remuda and giving you tools to elevate your own careers. Great freelancers help make for better magazines. We all can work together to lift the equine media industry.”

“Our main objectives with the program include goal setting, branding, and niche identification, as well as reviewing your work portfolio and potential pitches,” says Abigail Boatwright. “We want to help you feel confident when you reach out to editors about working with equine publications. Our time can be customized to help you achieve your business goals. After all, when we elevate each other, we elevate the equine media industry.”

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About The Freelance Remuda
The Freelance Remuda was founded by veteran freelance professionals Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars. Beginning with The Freelance Remuda Podcast, which explores the trials and triumphs surrounding life as a freelancer in equine media, while sharing valuable tips from equine media editors and creatives doing what they love; Abigail and Kate also offer a mentorship program for aspiring freelancers in equine media. The dictionary lists a remuda as: re•mu•da (noun): a herd of horses that have been saddle-broken from which ranch hands choose their mounts for the day. The goal of The Freelance Remuda is to help train up a herd of professionals specializing in horses, from which editors and businesses in equine media can hire to do great work. Find and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and for more information on The Freelance Remuda Mentorship Program, go to

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