NIGHTWATCH® Honored as One of the Best and Latest Advancements in the Digital Industry

After review of hundreds of applications from around the world, the 2018 SXSW advisory board of Interactive Innovation Awards members selected NIGHTWATCH®, the world's first smart halter from Protequus®, as 1 of 5 finalists for the wearable tech category. NIGHTWATCH® is a revolutionary IoT-enabled device that acts as an early warning system for horses whereby caretakers are alerted via text, phone call, and email at the first signs of a problem, such as colic, the leading natural case of death in horses worldwide. Unlike our domesticated cats and dogs, most horses spend much of their day unsupervised, so early identification and intervention of a problem has a direct impact on survival and qualify-of-life outcomes. 

The 21st annual SXSW Innovation Awards recognize the most exciting tech developments in the connected world. In total, 65 finalists across 13 categories ranging from AI/machine learning to digital security and smart cities will vie for top honors, March 11-13, 2018 in Austin, TX (USA). “We are truly humbled and extremely honored to be selected as a finalist for this prestigious award,” says Jeffrey R. Schab, Founder & CEO of Protequus®. “The advent of NIGHTWATCH® not only has the potential so save the lives of many horses, but also revolutionize the $300 billion per year equine industry from veterinarians to insurance companies, and others.”

Over the course of 3 days, finalists will showcase their cutting-edge projects for SXSW registrants to experience these forward-thinking solutions first-hand and determine the winner of the People’s Choice Award, while a panel of judges selects winners from each of the 13 categories. All winners will be revealed during the Innovation Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

See the full list of 2018 SXSW Innovation Award nominees ( and get to know these innovations that will dominate conversations in March.

NIGHTWATCH® ( is the World's first smart halter (optional safety collar) designed to alert caretakers via text, phone call, and email at the early signs of danger/distress in their horse, such as colic, being cast, and foaling. This patented IoT-enabled device monitors real-time data on a horse’s vital signs and behaviors, works across 3G/cellular and Wi-Fi networks, offers GPS tracking, and leverages AI/machine learning to adapt to each horse over time for maximum precision and benefit. Access to real-time insight and historical information, including a horse's EDI® (Equine Distress Index®) score, is available on-demand 24/7 from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

About Protequus®
Protequus® ( is a biomedical engineering and data science firm in Austin, TX dedicated to equine health & safety. Founded in 2013 after the sudden loss of one of his horses to colic, Jeffrey R. Schab—an accomplished equestrian and biomedical engineer—assembled a team of passionate science & technology professionals to find a solution to combat the devastating impact of colic, which claims the lives of >60,000 horses each year in the US and results in more than $700 million in annual losses. Today, that solution is known as NIGHTWATCH® and will be available to horses domiciled in the US and Canada starting in Q2 ’18.

Contact: Jeffrey R. Schab, 800-757-3856 or


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