You, Too, Can Go For The Gold

The Olympics are here! But athletes aren’t the only one’s competing for Gold.

I always encourage businesses to ‘Go For The Gold’ with Palomino Hill Writing Services. I write creative, engaging materials that will educate and entertain your prospective customers and encourage them to buy your product.

Here are some fantastic marketing ideas:

CASE STUDIES provide that all important third-party endorsement that sells products with an engaging story about your satisfied customer’s experience.

  • Include them on your website
  • Use relevant ‘nuggets’ in social media posts to entice customers to your site
  • Use case studies in new brochures and other sales materials in your booth.

 For more ideas on how versatile case studies are, visit my website and read 8 Ways to Use Case Studies under ‘marketing tips’ tab. 

 BROCHURES w/ INFOGRAPHICS are also a great way to get your message across. Tri-fold brochures are easy for conference and trade show attendees to take along for further reference. There are many styles of infographics, contrast and compare, timeline, roadmap, and those old reliables: graphs and charts.

I design the entire INFOGRAPHIC, not just the text, saving you time and money. I also create:


Why contact me about your next magazine article or copywriting project?

  • I have experience writing articles for trade publications, including features and cover stories.
  • I’m currently writing a ‘Day In The Life’ column for a new equine publication, Northeast Equestrian Life.
  • I’m also writing profiles for Sidelines News, the ‘People’ magazine of the horse world.

LET’S GET TO WORK!  I’d love to help you out with any type of marketing you might need. Visit my website, call 607-236-5600, or email me at: so we can chat about your next writing project.

Debbie Curtis
Phone: 607-236-5600


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