Arenus Highlights the Benefits of Joint Support with Steadfast Results Campaign

This February, Arenus highlights the benefits of joint health support with the Steadfast Results Campaign. Joint health disease impacts quality of life for many pets. Luckily, there are many effective therapies including nutraceuticals like Arenus' Steadfast Canine, physical therapy and topicals that can make a world of difference for pet health and wellness.

Canine arthritis and joint disease affects many dogs, young and old. This February, Arenus is excited to highlight the benefits of joint support with the launch of the Steadfast Results Campaign. The Steadfast Results Campaign showcases the success of two canine patients on Steadfast Canine. Each dog owner shares their pet's joint health recovery story after completing physical therapy in combination with Steadfast Canine. Their stories of recovery show that quality, research-backed nutritional supplements can make a significant difference in the quality of life for many dogs with chronic joint disease and related injuries.

Arenus' social media followers are invited to join in the fun and share their favorite dog photos for a chance to win Steadfast Canine samples. Additionally, any order placed on during the month of February will receive a free sample of Steadfast Canine, while orders of Steadfast Canine will receive a Steadfast Canine-themed doggy bandana.

Steadfast Canine is the most bio-available source of joint supporting nutrients: chondroitin, hyaluronic Acid, and glucosamine currently available on the market. This powerhouse nutrient blend helps support a variety of joint ailments by reducing inflammation, pain and providing critical nutrition for structural repair.

Steadfast Canine was developed in 2008 by the dedicated Arenus' team of veterinarians and nutritionists. Seeking a better joint supplement backed by research, the team found a nutrient source called Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM). NEM is also used in human orthopedic medicine and was the subject of a research study evaluating its use in the treatment of chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis. Patients in this study showed significant improvements in both pain and stiffness within ten days.

Steadfast Canine also contains TeleFirm, a patented formula of double chelated minerals that supports soft tissue, making Steadfast Canine the only product on the market to fully support soft tissue and bone. Today, veterinarians across the country stock Steadfast Canine for dogs in their clinics because they trust the formula and have seen the profound benefits in their patients.

Steadfast Canine customers have come to trust and count on the formula for their dog's joint care. Here is what several customers have had to say about their dog's experience:

-I started my 11-year-old Pitbull on Steadfast Canine and in about 10 days, she was back to zooming around and helping me with the chores. I noticed even after all her hard 'work', she kept going and playing with the other dogs. She's back to feeling like her vivacious self and that make my heart so happy! -MK

-Steadfast Canine was recommended by a friend for my 7-year-old Doberman. She was having issues getting up and down like it was hard and painful. After taking this for two weeks, she is acting more like herself...playing with her dog friends Osiris and Mitze again. - Aubrey H.

-My 13-year-old Whippet was trembling in his hindquarters awful. After taking Steadfast for a month they have almost gone away!! Steadfast Canine is a great supplement! - Kim P.

There is a Steadfast Equine version of the supplement available, for those in need of joint health support for their working, elderly or companion horses. A sister product, Steadfast Equine, uses the same superior Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM), and has been utilized in many studies which demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing pain, inflammation and cartilage breakdown associated with arthritic conditions. Steadfast Equine also contains TeleFirm, a patented formula of double chelated minerals that supports soft tissue, making Steadfast Equine the only equine joint product on the market to fully support soft tissue and bone.

Arenus is currently offering a free sample of Steadfast Canine with any order placed in February while supplies last. Additionally, any order of Steadfast Canine placed in the month of February will receive a complimentary Steadfast Canine doggy bandana. To receive your free sample or bandana, simply head to and place your risk-free order. Visit the Arenus website to learn more about the full selection of equine and canine Vital Science nutraceuticals.

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