Western Dressage Enthusiasts Recognized for Competition and Educational Excellence by NAWD

North American Western Dressage awarded more than $4,000 in prizes and ribbons to participants in its innovative TRAX—Total Recognition for Accomplishing eXcellence—program in 2018. TRAX includes formats for live shows, virtual shows, team competition and personal equine education growth. Participants accumulated scores or educational points throughout the year, and our top-earning members are recognized below.

Special thanks to all participants and our new TRAX Committee members—Crystal Short, Stacey Gorman and Brittany Doerfer—for their help gathering and verifying scores, and to Lindsay Buhrmann for her help administering TRAX for Education.

2017 TRAX Versatility

To qualify, riders submitted three tests in four categories. The average of the top three scores in each category was used to calculate the average, and then they’re averaged together for overall awards.

Amateur Division

Champion—Jessica Hein & Ozzerati (71.724)

Reserve Champion —Kris Blacklock & Boon Ocean Blue (70.021)

3rd — Dawn Spangler& Hondo (66.837)

4th — Crystal Short & RFR The Quietman (61.650)

5th — Sherry Rosser-Carroll & Jace (60.944)

Open Division

Champion — Julia Lamberton & Seabreeze Savaje Vaquero (65.967)

Youth Division

Champion — Amber Hofmaier & Skys the Limit (66.374)

Reserve Champion — Brooke Kiefer & Briar Rose (65.797)

3rd — Sara Hofmaier & Skys the Limit (62.504)

4th — Katlin Fait & Tex Tornado (58.312)

2017 Team TRAX

Teams are composed of at least two members, who each log their three best scores toward their team’s overall average.

Adult Teams

Champion: NAWD ALL-AROUND TEAM (72.331%)

Jen Johnson, Jessica Hein, Lindsey Buhrmann and Adriana DiGenakis

Reserve Champion: NAWDy EQUESTRIANS (69.008%)

Kris Blacklock, Brittany Doerfer, Stacey Gorman, Crystal Short

Youth Teams

Champion: Double Lane Horsemanship Team 2—Keepin It Classy (68.085%)

Amber Hofmaier, Emily Bessler, Mariah Kiefer

Reserve Champion: Double Lane Horsemanship Team 1–Cowgirls (68.039%)

Katlin Fait, Brooke Keifer, Sarah Hofmaier

Live Teams

Champion: Shake-N-Bake (69.721%)

Rachael Harze, Jean Donhauser

2017 Live TRAX – Individual

Open Division

Champion: Heidi Potter & Mainguy Harrison Riley (74.560%)

Reserve Champion: Bron Stark & Sugarbush Punta D'Azacar (70.168%)

 Open Division

Champion: Rachel Harze & SB Heritage (72.179%)

Reserve Champion: Erin Freeman & Bo (72.143%)

Amateur Division

Champion: Jane Brack & Hank (75.104%)

TRAX for Education

This program recognizes members for actively learning and growing in many areas of horsemanship.

Platinum Level

Kris Blacklock (100 points)

Silver Level

Renata Ficek (65 points), Lindsey Buhrmann (66 points), Jessica Hein (54 points)

Bronze Level

Adriana Digenakis (47 points), Julie Durga Lamberton (45 points)

Honors Level

Jennifer McBurnett (24 points), Darlene Anderson (16 points)

About North American Western Dressage
North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating horse enthusiasts about the universal benefits of Western dressage and providing fun, affordable ways to participate in this popular new sport. NAWD offers a variety of programs as well as virtual coaching and showing opportunities, achievement awards and more. Learn more about NAWD at nawdhorse.org and at facebook.com/WesternDressageNAWD.

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