Horizon Structures Presents Series….Horses, Hay and Homesteading

Everything old is new again. Horse owners are increasingly adding value to their lives by returning to agricultural practices to produce organic produce and animal products on their farms.

The notion of going ‘old school’ and designing the barn to keep everything under one roof has seen a rise in popularity as a result. Naturally, there is a sincere convenience this provides as daily chores can be completed without venturing into the elements whether the weather is hot or cold. If the barn owner is away from home the completion of these tasks can be easily taken care of by a friend or family member without the need to trudge back and forth from building to building.

It also makes the storage of provisions such as hay and grain supplies easy to store and access. The provision of water and electric is also directed to just one building, which saves on costs of installation. In fact, the idea of keeping a variety of animals and planting projects under one roof is an efficient method to homestead.

The modular design of farm structures for horses, mules and donkeys, miniature horses, milking cow, goats, alpacas, chickens and poultry, dogs, storage and potting sheds, lends itself to the creation of the perfect multiple use building.

Family Friendly

Many horse owners keep a miniature horse, pony for the kids, or donkey alongside their horses for company and use by the smaller members of the family.

When you ‘hatch’ your own little person, along with this new responsibility often comes the desire to create an organic food source for the health of the family.

During my experiences giving dressage clinics across the USA and abroad, I have come across beautiful center aisle barns with a Jersey cow standing in a stall mooing for milking time, a goat trying to escape a miniature horse stall or seen chickens and geese pecking about in the stalls and marching through the barn as if they owned the place. The horse crazy twelve year old that will ride in our clinic and diligently showcase their talents in the saddle, will later be found collecting eggs from the chickens and offering them up to make a little extra cash from the visiting equestrians.

The knowledge that children gain from being taught the responsibility of caring for livestock and seeing where their food comes from is invaluable.

Fresh herbs and vegetables can be started early in a potting shed area within the building, and children delight in learning how to seed and start the growing process and watch their efforts evolve into full grown plants and vegetables they can eat.

Some folks start a line of products and operate a small business of jams and jellies, pickles and provisions, dairy products and poultry offerings and other farm to table delights.

The Boarding Barn

The addition of a kennel where your family pets can be safely kept during busy times or where boarders can safely leave their dogs out of the dangers of a hot car provides added value to your farm operation.

These same boarders can also become customers of your home-grown products and will also enjoy bringing their kids along to visit with the critters. Who knows, maybe the same kids will join in your summer camp sessions or take a few riding lessons and become hooked on horses.

How Do You Design This Multiple Use Structure

Integration of stalls for your horses and other wee beasties, storage for your ATV or electric golf cart or other farm equipment, and an area for hay and provisions, tack and equipment, does require expertise in design to be successful.

For example: For chicken coops there are many easy care design options and size requirements to consider; for dog kennels you want a tear resistant flooring material, the right gate size to a run, kennel sizes to fit your breed of dogs and drainage; for storage you may want to keep it easy access with an overhang design or wish to have a secure space you can lock up. For this advice it is wise to seek experts in the field that know what each type of animal needs for proper care and comfort, and what you need to make care of the animals user-friendly with an efficient design for daily chores.

There is a lot that the entire family will enjoy and benefit from with the homestead lifestyle. Our forefathers had it right. But we don’t have to work with an old, cold, antique barn with low ceilings, lack of hygiene and an absence of modern conveniences.

With the right planning you can execute the perfect structure for your needs. Seek out a manufacturer that encompasses the experience you need in all facets of animal housing and care and leverage the wealth of their advice.

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