Flair LLC Announces Partnership with Vets First Choice

Leading provider of veterinary services adds FLAIR® Strips to product line

Flair LLC, maker of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips, is pleased to announce its partnership with Vets First Choice (VFC), the leading provider of technology enabled healthcare solutions for veterinary practices.

Vets First Choice provides veterinarians and their clients access to a complete range of medications, therapeutic diets, supplements, and over-the-counter products for companion and equine practitioners. Its services result in better prescription compliance, increased client engagement, and improved practice revenues and profitability. The VFC partnership augments Flair’s ability to strengthen its relationship with veterinarians on an expanded level.

Because of their numerous scientifically proven benefits - EIPH attenuation among them - veterinarians, horsemen & competitors - of all disciplines - include FLAIR Strips as part of an overall equine health management program.

The application of nasal Strips has been shown to reduce the severity of EIPH and it is unclear as to why more horses don’t wear them when racing and breezing”, said Warwick M. Bayly BVSc, MS, PhD, Dip ACVIM, when presenting to the South African Equine Veterinary Association Congress in February 2018.

 “Flair is delighted to be partnering with Vets First Choice”, said Flair President, Jim Chiapetta DVM JD. “We look forward to working together with Vets First Choice to enhance our veterinary engagement.”

 About Vets First Choice: Vets First Choice is a leading provider of technology-enabled healthcare solutions for veterinary practitioners. Founded in 2010, the company partners with veterinarians to create insight into gaps in patient care and offers professionalized pro-active prescription management. The company employs more than 750 professionals in offices in Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska and Texas, supporting 30,000 veterinary practices. For more information, please visit www.vetsfirstchoice.com.

 About FLAIR Nasal Strips: Developed by veterinarians, FLAIR Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that support horse’s nasal passages and promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes in all disciplines and every level of competition.  The Strips are clinically proven to help horses:  Breathe easier, reduced fatigue, conserve energy, recover faster and protect from EIPH. For more information about FLAIR Strips, please visit http://www.flairstrips.com.

About the Science behind FLAIR Strips:  Eight clinical studies have been conducted on FLAIR Strips at leading equine research centers in the United States. Abstracts of clinical studies are available at https://flairstrips.com/clinical-abstracts.

Contact: Barkley N. Porter

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