Freelancer Allison Rehnborg Offers Writing Services in Equine Media

Equine journalist Allison Rehnborg offers freelance writing services for equine media. With nine years’ experience writing articles for print, Allison specializes in educational features, how-to articles and profiles. Editors can review her portfolio and learn more at

Allison’s work appears in The Paint Horse Journal, Chrome, America’s Horse, The American Quarter Horse Journal and The Mid-South Horse Review. From event coverage to profiles to features on horse health and management, she writes extensively for both youth and adult audiences.

Whether she’s researching a medical story or crafting an educational series, Allison’s articles center on interviews with expert sources, such as veterinarians, farriers, and trainers. Her education and experience enable her to translate complicated technical jargon into layman’s terms with ease.  A selection of past published articles are available at, including an article on photosensitivity which placed third in the 2016 American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards.

In addition to her journalism experience, Allison has owned horses for almost twenty years. She earned her master’s degree in horse science as one of the inaugural students in Middle Tennessee State University’s horse science graduate program.

rehnb“I love writing for horse owners of any age because I’m an owner myself,” Allison says. “Many of my articles are inspired by my own hands-on experiences in the horse world.”

Allison was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and became involved in the horse industry by taking riding lessons at an early age and later becoming a horse owner. In college, she majored in animal science and worked weekly hours in the horse science lab as an undergraduate, aiding professors with research projects. She has also worked as a show secretary for American Stock Horse Association events. Allison continues to serve the horse industry today by working as a freelance equine journalist and photographer.

Contact: Allison Rehnborg
(615) 887-6262
Twitter: @AllisonRehnborg

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