Equestrian Writer to Publish New Memoir, Confessions of a Timid Rider  

Confessions of a Timid Rider is a memoir detailing one woman’s insights into being an anxiety-ridden but passionate equestrian. After returning to riding as a mother, she is determined to follow her dreams despite the fear she is somehow lacking in talent or ability. An in-depth look into the heart and head of a returning adult equestrian, this message is not limited only to those with horse experience. In fact, Confessions of a Timid Rider is the perfect book to read for anyone whom even for a moment questions their value in their designated profession or life choice. This book will inspire you to pursue your dreams despite the inner voice that says you aren’t good enough.

Confessions of a Timid Rider
By Heather Wallace
Published by Water Horse Press
Copyright 2018, All rights reserved.
$5.99 US Kindle Ebook; $12.95 US Paperback
Publication date: June 8, 2018. Now available for preorder at www.bridleandbone.com and on Amazon.



 “I hear it frequently during lessons. My trainer can see that I am no longer connected to my horse; that I’m thinking too much.

“This is a chronic problem. My entire life I have been very cerebral, balancing ideas and considering outcomes. Horse riding has been a way for me to escape my own brain but it doesn’t always help. I war between self-doubt and my passion for horses.

 “I’ve been called many things, but “timid” never in my memory. This is how I view myself.

 “Perhaps in a way this will show you just how important horses are to me in my life. I want to be the best I can be. Sadly, this results in self-doubt and delayed progress. I am my own worst enemy.

“These are the confessions of a timid rider.”

About the Author
Heather Wallace is a certified equine and canine sports massage therapist, author, and photographer.  After working for 12 years in the medical publishing industry, she changed careers to fulfill her dream of working with animals. Heather is the writer for her successful blog, Bridle & Bone, which focuses on horses, dogs, and holistic wellness. She has written for Equine Info Exchange, Holistic Horse Magazine, and Sidelines Magazine and will be attending The Gobi Desert Cup this year to document the journey for the organizers. Her first book, Equestrian Handbook of Excuses, was a 2017 Literary Selection for Equus Film Festival. Please contact Heather if you would like a review copy, or you are interested in an interview.

Heather Wallace
Email: heather@bridleandbone.com
Website: http://www.bridlandbone.com
Phone: 732-784-7195



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