Palomino Hill Writing Services Offers Articles, B2B and B2C

Looking for a reliable freelancer for your magazine?

Have a new product that needs marketing?

Do you need new brochures, a white paper or case study for trade shows?


Palomino Hill Writing Services is a freelance writing company owned by longtime horsewoman Debbie Curtis. Based in Ithaca, New York, Curtis is now booking commercial clients into her fall calendar for articles, blogs, case studies, white papers, brochures, web content, newsletters, infographics, and other marketing materials.

Curtis also writes magazine articles in the equine industry, and invites you to peruse her portfolio at

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Cornell University, combined with years of hands-on, practical experience with horses, she is in the perfect position to research, interview, and craft articles for equine publications.

Curtis invites you to visit: or call 607-220-7736 to discuss your creative needs, and “Go For The Gold With Palomino Hill!”


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