Equine Product Manufacturers Eligible for Free Coupon/Special Offer Space in equineseniors.com’s Good-Horsekeeping E-Newsletter

Equine product manufacturers are encouraged to submit their coupons and/or special offers for inclusion in www.equineseniors.com's forthcoming Spring 2019 Good-Horsekeeping e-newsletter.

The coupons and special offers will be published for free in the e-newsletter, which will be available for download from the website.  It will also be emailed to a subscriber list.

The coupons and offers must be valid for at least a portion of the Spring 2019 issue date (January-March).

"This e-newsletter, which will be published quarterly, is an extension of our popular Good-Horsekeeping Product Review Page.  It will not only include product reviews, but will also cover good-horsekeeping tips for each season," says Laurie Cerny, editor of www.equineseniors.com

Manufacturers should send a J-peg format of their coupon/offer, along with their website address - which will be linked.  These should be received by December 31, 2018.

For more information call: (269) 657-3842, or email: equine.seniors@aol.com.

equineseniors.com, which also hosts the Good-Horsekeeping Expo, is devoted to the care and competition of equine senior horses.  Find more articles and resources on caring for the senior horse, as well as product reviews, at the website.

Contact:  equine.seniors@aol.com   (269) 657-3842

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