The Ladies Horse Society. Making a Difference for Horse Women!

Co-founder Randi Thompson, states, “The Ladies Horse Society” ™ is growing quickly. We are now gaining over 200 new members a week!  Our ladies are making a difference for each other.  From the start we created guidelines that the members voted on.  No politics. No religion. No ads. No bashing or bullying.  This has created a safe place for them. Many of our members are professional horsewomen, others either own horses or have come to a point in their lives where they are not able to ride, yet they still want to be around horses and horse people.“ The Ladies Horse Society is what they have been looking for.”

Co-founder, Paddy Downing-Nygard adds, “I have been in the horse industry most of my life as a USEF Hunter/Jumper/Equitation judge. I am watching what is happening with the Ladies Horse Society and love how everyone is connecting with each other. Check out what we are doing on our Facebook page, ( ) and our community. (

These are quotes from some of our members.

“Imagine my surprise to find a social network of horsewomen who support each other’s dreams! Finally, A social outlet where they do not care if your seat is not totally secure, that your position is not perfect or that your horse is not perfectly trained. If asked, they will share their knowledge without criticism. Finally, a safe place where we ADMIRE and SUPPORT each other because we are, and you are—The Ladies Horse Society.” –Ginger LaBarre (Labarre Training Center)

“It’s all about women promoting and supporting other women. Women who can post about their beloved horses, and the passion they have for them that non horse folks just don't quite understand. Supporting without negativity is so refreshing. No matter the breed of horse, or the discipline you ride. Women connected by these magnificent animals, supporting each other. A place where you can post a picture of your horse and yourself and have open dialog with like-minded Women!”  - Margo Conners

“I enjoy the positive tone here and appreciate that we are all horse lovers. I used to think I had to be an Olympic Champion. Today I am just grateful to be able to ride and to be around the barn (just like when I was a kid.) I am an ‘R’ judge for Hunters, Hunter Breeding, Jumpers, and Equitation. Here’s to horse crazy girls!” - Gardner Powell

“I am most definitely not a lady yet I feel completely at home and accepted at Ladies Horse Society. We gather to exchange war stories and to support each other through whatever life throws at us. We commiserate on achy body parts and “fresh” horses. It’s a community in every sense of the word.” - Terra Mikkonen (Ray-An Farm)

“The Ladies Horse Society is a group of positive, empowering horsewomen. We all need somewhere safe to land and it is that safe place for me and many other women.” -Amanda Wallace

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The Ladies Horse Society is an international social organization that was founded for women who love horses by internationally recognized riding instructor coaches, Paddy Downing-Nygard (“R” USEF Hunter/Jumper/Equitation Judge) and Randi Thompson (Horse and Rider Awareness Educational Programs). Together we make a difference for each other! In the beginning we were focused on riding vacations for women, we are still doing that and so much.

The Ladies Horse Society
Contact:  Randi Thompson
Horse and Rider Awareness Programs
Phone: (828) 697-4274


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