New Liquid Formula for Equine Muscle Enhancement Shows Impressive Results

Finish Line Horse Products is pleased to introduce Performance Builder. This effective, exclusively formulated product promotes healthy equine muscle development and function in weeks, not months.

PERFORMANCE BUILDER is a herbal liquid available in 30 fl.oz. and 128 fl.oz. It provides an easy approach to feeding by either top dressing to feed or orally administering via a syringe. This product has shown unbelievably fast results and is safe to give on a recurring basis.

“Over the past 6-weeks, I felt like my horses had more endurance in the show ring and more fire on take-off for the jumps.  And within 2-3 weeks, we saw improvement in their physical condition, even the horse’s that we didn’t think could look better looked amazing. My horses didn’t mind eating the supplement, even the picky eaters!”  says Lisa Goldman, Grand Prix Show Jumper

This product was created by Finish Line Horse Product’s development team, along with input from veterinarians prior to years of field testing. Trainers, competitors and veterinarians affiliated with all equine disciplines have reported positive results and improvement.

Muscle Performance has all the best ingredients you'd want in a healthy muscle builder, from gamma oryzanol (from rice bran), and Calcium HMB and L-Leucine to botanicals which make a formula that horses love.

More product information can be found on the Research Associate’s website,

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Finish Line Horse Products is committed to the support of horse health, and only the most thorough research and development goes into each and every FLHP Product.  Our goal is to produce the finest quality products for horses. We care about horses and emphasize: Be good to your horse.

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