Pyranha’s Detangler, EQyss’s Mega-Tek Equine Rebuilder, and Shires Equestrian Products’ Tempest 200G Stable Blanket Receive Good-Horsekeeping Reviews by       

Three equine products have earned great reviews this month and are featured on the Good-Horsekeeping Product Review Page of, according to Laurie Cerny, the website's editor.

Mega-Tek Equine Rebuilder, manufactured by EQyss, is a good multi-use conditioning/rebuilder product for manes/tails, hooves, and skin.  "We liked this product for the deep conditioning effect it had on rub spots," Cerny said.  "It cleared up a problematic rub spot in less than two weeks, and it now has filled in with new hair growth."

Shires Equestrian Products' Tempest 200G Stable Blanket also received an excellent review.  "It's a generous fitting quilted winter blanket that is well made and very affordable," Cerny said.

Pyranha's Detangler, a new product for the company, is a mineral based spray detangler, which helps to remove mats, tangles, and (hay, sawdust, weeds) from manes and tails.  "We liked that it was a spray instead of a liquid.  It was lightweight and didn't weigh the mane down.  At under $10, it's also a very affordable grooming product," Cerny said.

To read the full reviews of these products go to is devoted to the care and competition of equine senior horses.   Find more articles and resources on caring for the senior horse, as well as product reviews, at the website. 

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