5-Day Free Marketing Challenge to Start January 7, 2019  

This time next year where do you want your equine business to be? With so many marketing options available to the business owner, knowing where to spend your time and effort is crucial.

One marketing option that is well worth your time and effort is building your email list. No matter what happens with Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform, you can rest assured your business will thrive when you have a solid, engaged email list.

Why is that you might ask? When potential customers opt in to your email list, you now have a direct connect to them through email. They are, essentially, giving you a virtually handshake and inviting you into their space. It is permission based marketing at its best!

The million-dollar question is, how do you build your list? How do you get new subscribers to opt-in to your email list? I am glad you asked!

The answer is simple; however, so many equine businesses are not taking advantage of one of the simplest marketing tools: a dynamite opt-in offer. So, what exactly is an opt-in offer?

An opt-in is an offer like a content piece (downloadable pdf, checklist or e-book), free consultation, or other experience valuable enough that prospects will share their email addresses to receive it. An opt-in helps your prospective customers solve a problem and get to know you.

Amidst all the online noise, how do you create an unforgettable first impression for your potential customer?

Jamie Samples, of Yellow Barn Media, is hosting a free 5-day challenge, titled, Create Your Perfect Opt-in Offer, that will begin January 7, 2019.

Included in this 5-day challenge you will experience: daily live trainings with email follow-up, exclusive Facebook group membership, marketing tool reviews and tutorials, and much more. You can also expect a side of accountability and encouragement.


  • Select the best type of opt-in
  • Poll your online audience to select topic
  • Choose the best opt-in topic
  • Design your opt-in offer
  • Upload your offer to Dropbox
  • Share your offer
  • and much more......{yup, all in 5 days, so buckle up!}

“I am excited to offer this challenge. As a business owner myself, I understand how busy life can get,” says Jamie.  “I recently participated in a marketing industry 5-day challenge and it allowed me to make huge strides with my business in less than a week. I attribute this to the nature of a challenge. When you work with other like-minded individuals to pursue similar goals, learn new skills, and be challenged within a group, that accountability pushes you closer to your goals, naturally.”

Kim Wende of Passionate Horsemanship recently participated in a course taught by Jamie, and here is what she had to say about her experience:

“I took Jamie’s marketing masterclass and it was fantastic! Jamie gave us great tips on using several different social media platforms, along with marketing tools. She also provided numerous strategies to build an email list. She is a fantastic teacher and always delivers golden nuggets that you can go away with and implement immediately in your business. I highly recommend Jamie!”

JOIN THE CHALLENGE TODAY- https://jamiesamples.lpages.co/5-day-challenge-create-your-perfect-opt-in/

Contact: Jamie Samples




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