Premier of a New Documentary Focusing on a Young Boy With Downs Syndrome and His Pony  

An award-winning heartwarming story about an 8-year-old boy with Downs Syndrome and a very special little 28-year-old pony.

Directed by: Julianne Neal / 23 minutes

 EQUUS Film Festival is proud of our partnership with Director Julianne Neal who has helped to create the Spotlight Rescue Series. We are working together to bring the issues facing horses today to the world through documentaries. Collaborating as well to highlight some of the wonderful stories of horses helping people. The new film “A Pony And His Boy”, is one of those stories. Many people have now found the wonderful power of horses to help break through the silence of Autism and PTSD. This film addresses Downs Syndrome and the power of horses to help us connect. Berry, the pony star of the film, teaches us that even though a pony may be old it doesn’t mean he can’t find a new job and be loved.

“A Pony and His Boy: The Story of Berry & Josh” directed by Julianne Neal, shows the power of a pony and the effect that he has had on one small boy. Josh, an 8-year-old with Downs Syndrome, had been afraid of animals, especially horses all of his life. One summer afternoon, when walking in the pasture full of horses with his mom and Lisa, Josh was asked "Do you want to ride?" When he surprisingly said yes, they caught him off-guard, swept him up and placed him on Berry. The relationship that started between Berry and Josh that day has been life-changing, not only for Josh, but for everyone who loves him.

 Filmed in Illinois, North and South Carolina, plus featuring heartfelt testimonials and informative interviews, “A Pony and His Boy” is a testament to the power of the horse.

 WINNIE Award winner in New York City!

 The EQUUS Film Festival is hosting the Midwest Premier of “A Pony And His Boy: The Story Of Berry & Josh” at the ARCADA Theater in St Charles, Illinois, January 23, 2019, 6 PM through 9 PM.

We will also screen a selection of WINNIE Award winning Equine Therapeutic Riding and Healing Horses documentaries, direct form the EQUUS Film Festival in New York City December 2018, throughout the evening.

There will be a 30-minute meet and greet before the films begin where you will be able to chat with the stars of the film and the filmmaker.

Film Program: BLOCK 1

Little Horse Big Medicine - directed by: Susan Edwards (USA) - 4:14 min

Specialty Horse - directed by: Flo Knoyle (UK) - 2:00 min

A Backcountry Recovery - directed by: Ben Masters (USA) - 6:00 min

Walk On - directed by: Vincent DeLuca (USA) - 9:26 min

Operation Mustang - directed by: David Glossberg (USA) - 6:00 min

A Pony And His Boy: The Story Of Berry & Josh - directed by: Julianne Neal (USA) - 23:00 min      

 INTERMISSION - 15 minutes

 Film Program: BLOCK 2

Healing With Horses - directed by: Jeffrey T. Morgan & Amber Elliott (CANADA) - 17:00 min

When The Dust Settles - directed by: Glenn Sweitzer (USA) - 45:00 min             

The sixth annual EQUUS Film Festival took place November 16-18, 2018 in New York City and is the first event of its kind to offer a home to the storytellers of the horse world, with films, documentaries, videos, commercials and shorts from around the world and cultural elements of fine equestrian art and literature. Founded in 2013 by Lisa Diersen, Director/Organizer, and joined by Diana De Rosa in 2015, Co-Organizer of the NYC Festival, the EQUUS Film Festival highlights and rewards the diverse and creative efforts of those who pay artistic homage to the horse. The EQUUS Film Festival is now available ON-DEMAND, streaming to all your devices.

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