MASTERCLASS: Content Creation on a Budget – Special Pricing Ends Today

Yes, Christmas is over, but we can still learn a lesson from Clark Griswold and Charlie Brown. Do you remember the Christmas tree scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation?

You know the tree, the massive tree, breaking all the windows? It was a beautiful tree, but it caused more problems than it was worth.

So, what does that have to do with your business?

So many equine entrepreneurs and business owners have a HUGE vision for their business. This thing that is all encompassing and it invades every part of their life. Although, it's good to have a BIG GOAL and to keep it on the forefront of your mind, it can also be overwhelming and paralyzing.

I have spoken to so many people throughout 2018 and almost every single person mentioned that they are not sure where to go next. They are not sure what to do next. They have mentioned the hundreds of marketing options and how they feel overwhelmed or stuck.

Sound familiar? Do you have that feel of constant overwhelm?

You may know what you want to do with your business, but you feel like you are at a fork in the road unsure of which way to go.

Well Charlie Brown inspired my solution for you!

You've seen a Charlie Brown tree, right?

It's small, BUT it does exactly what it is intended to do without all the hoopla. It is simple, and it represents what Charlie Brown wanted - Christmas.

For 2019, I challenge you to find the peace and success I have found by seeking out the SIMPLE, ACTIONABLE tasks that will grow your business. Don't overwhelm yourself with the Clark Griswold marketing plan. Refuse to get bogged down by all the shiny things!

How about starting January focused on ONE SIMPLE TASK? Find your Charlie Brown tree and hang your year on that.

Focus on the one thing that works across all platforms - CONTENT CREATION.

You may be creating blog posts, social media posts, speaking at a local event, creating Facebook Live episodes or You Tube Videos. The key is knowing how to find the ideas that will draw in your audience, and then executing them consistently without breaking the bank or spending hundreds of hours staring at your computer.

How do you create graphics that look amazing? How do you come up with the topics that will engage people to take the next step with your business?


I will be hosting a jam-packed content creation masterclass that I guarantee will rock your January. It will give you the tools and the confidence to create content for your business that will speak to your audience.

You can take a quick peek at the exact details here. The course is $97 today and will increase tomorrow to $147 so take advantage of that end of the year write off and sign up TODAY!

Kim Wende of Passionate Horsemanship recently participated in a course taught by Jamie, and here is what she had to say about her experience:

“I took Jamie’s marketing masterclass and it was fantastic! Jamie gave us great tips on using several different social media platforms, along with marketing tools. She also provided numerous strategies to build an email list. She is a fantastic teacher and always delivers golden nuggets that you can go away with and implement immediately in your business. I highly recommend Jamie!”

Contact: Jamie Samples




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