EIE: New Year brings New Website Features; New Book about Dressage Master Nuno Oliveira

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Trafalgar Square Books recently published a fascinating look at the legacy of dressage master Nuno Oliveira entitled Riding with Oliveira: My Time with the Mestre—Forty Years Later, by Dominique Barbier and Keron Psillas, Photographs by Keron Psillas.  Here's an excerpt:

"As the years pass there are fewer students alive, but I am lucky to be able to hear the stories first-hand... Every single person speaks of a passion so deep, so all-encompassing, that it seems Mestre Oliveira was a man possessed. It seems that his “laboratory” could be more accurately described as a crucible. Here, all that was unnecessary or ineffective could be burned away in the heat of his desire to achieve The Truth in the Art of Classical Dressage."

Find out more in our featured article on EIE here: https://equineinfoexchange.com/index.php/recreation-lifestyle/857-nuno-oliveira-a-man-possessed

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