Sonoma County Horse Council Appoints New Managing Editor

Sonoma County Horse Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Patti Schofler of Dark Horse Media as managing editor of the organization’s quarterly magazine Horse Journal.

Celebrating and connecting the Sonoma County horse community, the Horse Journal, the county’s only equine publication, has been piloted by the volunteer efforts of Santa Rosa attorney and Horse Council vice president Patrice Doyle for the past several years. Schofler will take over the magazine with the upcoming Spring issue.

“While the Horse Journal has never looked better or been more informative, we are looking to Patti to take it to a new level,” said Elizabeth Palmer, Horse Council president.

Schofler has been an equestrian sports writer and publicist for equestrian businesses and organization, following a career as a paralegal, nonprofit development official, a publicist for United Airlines and a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. “I have big shoes to fill after Patrice’s success with the magazine. With the help of the horse community, I’m looking forward to seeing the Horse Journal as indispensable to Sonoma County and the North Bay,” said Schofler.

SONOMA COUNTY HORSE COUNCIL: The Sonoma County Horse Council is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 to promote the health and well-being of horses, and support horse-related activities in Sonoma County.

Contact for more information:
Patti Schofler for Sonoma County Horse Council
Office: (707) 763-1065
Cell: (707) 484-2288

Photo available upon request


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