A Year in Photographs from The Equestrian Vagabond

Recalling the pleasure and adventure of being an equine photographer in 2018, award-winning photojournalist Merri Melde (The Equestrian Vagabond) created a gallery, “A Fun Look Back at 2018,” highlighting her year. She invites all horse lovers to share her special moments featuring her equine and human friends at the following link:


The year found Melde both photographing events, and riding with a camera, allowing her to capture diverse equine sports - including endurance and rodeo, with their sometimes-inherent danger, and a variety of unique trails in the West. The results feature a mix of hard-hitting equine action and stunning scenery.

Although the images themselves are stand-alone journalism, Melde is known for augmenting her work with evocative text. Often the photos draw people to read her stories behind the photos and leave them inspired and entertained by the details, humor, and narratives of those who move in a world filled with equine partnerships and deep bonds.

“A few of my personal photography stories I have yet to publish,” Melde said. “Like the one about my collision with a bucking horse. Or the time a deranged range cow charged me and trampled me. Of course, both times I stayed out there to continue shooting while wounded, because what photographer wouldn’t?”

Still based in Owyhee County in Southwest Idaho, Melde utilizes the marvelous home scenery to chronicle her ongoing relationships and escapades with a home herd which includes the somewhat-famous members Hillbillie Willie, Dudley, and Stormy.

Professionally, 2018 was productive to Melde. Publications and websites, including Endurance News, Arabian Horse Life, Washington Thoroughbred, American Racehorse, and Endurance.net, and Breyer merchandise featured her work. Melde also maintains a photo website and several blogs - when, that is, she's not in the saddle racking up the miles.

Melde’s 2019 calendar continues to fill with equine adventures, commissioned stories, books, and photographic assignments. Always leaving plenty of room for more riding time, she welcomes inquiries into her availability for writing and photographing, especially if the task involves new equine experiences and associations. “I expect the new adventures will come with more spectacular photo and writing opportunities, but hopefully a few less bruises!”

For more information on The Equestrian Vagabond and to see more samples of Melde's work, see:
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