AHC to Offer Internships in 2019

Open to High School and College Students

 In 2019, the American Horse Council (AHC) will again offer internship programs available to both high school and college students. Students will be eligible to apply to one internship per year in the AHC Internship Program.

“We feel that offering an internship is a great way for students to understand exactly what it is the AHC does here in DC, and educate the next generation to advocate on behalf of the industry be it at the local, state or national level,” said AHC President Julie Broadway.

The three types of internships available are:

  • 1 or 2 week shadowing program to gain a broader understanding of the AHC with a focus on expanding knowledge of equine industry and policymaking. Transportation and housing not included; stipend of $250 available to offset expenses. Open to high school and college students.1 or 2 month internship- includes overview of AHC, student would conduct a research project and write a white paper on a specific topic of interest for academic credit, or learn about a focus area and provide support for initiatives related to that subject matter. Transportation and housing not included; stipend of $500/month available to offset expenses. Open to college students.
  • Semester internship- includes overview of AHC, research project and white paper for academic credit and attendance at annual AHC meeting. Transportation and housing not included; Stipend of $500/month available to offset expenses. Open to college students.

There are also several focus areas to choose from (some in the DC office, and others with partner organizations): Policy & Legislative, Health & Regulatory, Marketing/Communications, Equine Disease Communication (at AAEP office in Lexington, KY), or Equine Welfare.

“We encourage those that apply for these internships to also join at the Student Membership level in order to be fully engaged in their experience,” said AHC’s membership coordinator, Emily Brockway. “That way the candidate will be able to see the relationship between the work that we do, and the information that is shared with members.”

Please visit the AHC website here for more details and to download the application form. If you have any questions, or would like more information about the internship program, please contact the AHC at info@horsecouncil.org

About the American Horse Council
As the national association representing all segments of the horse industry in Washington, D.C., the American Horse Council works daily to represent equine interests and opportunities. Organized in 1969, the AHC promotes and protects the industry by communicating with Congress, federal agencies, the media and the industry on behalf of all horse related interests each and every day.                        

The AHC is member supported by individuals and organizations representing virtually every facet of the horse world from owners, breeders, veterinarians, farriers, breed registries and horsemen's associations to horse shows, race tracks, rodeos, commercial suppliers and state horse councils.

Contact: Emily Brockway
American Horse Council
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