2019 Positive Reinforcement Training for Equestrians with Shawna Karrasch 

Excited about Positive Reinforcement Training for horses? Want to ride a truly “happy athlete” in competition? If you’ve heard about the effectiveness of these humane, science-based training skills to gain your horse’s motivation and trust, plus address problems like trailer loading, spookiness, and far more, now is your chance! Participate in a week-long intimate learning experience with legendary positive reinforcement trainer and behaviorist Shawna Karrasch.

Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center, located in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, will host Intensive Workshops for those new to or experienced with positive reinforcement training on March 1–8, April 5–12, May 3–10, June 14–21, August 2–9, September 13–20, and October 11–18. Each workshop includes five hours a day of intense hands-on training and coaching with Shawna; seven nights at a fantastic local B&B; breakfast, snacks, lunch, and two dinners with Shawna; and a Break Day to experience the magic of Santa Fe.

Master and Journeyman course packages are also available. The Master course includes all seven 2019 workshops. As of this press release, only one spot is currently still available. The Journeyman course is a selection of four of the seven workshops.

About Shawna Karrasch: Shawna is a pioneer in the use of Positive Reinforcement Training with horses. Her powerful and humane behavioral training techniques are an eye-opening experience for equine professionals, competitors, and amateurs alike. She has produced books and videos and traveled worldwide to teach the concepts of bridge conditioning and positive reinforcement for horses. Shawna’s infectious enthusiasm, sense of humor, years of training experience and rapport with animals and humans makes her one of the finest positive reinforcement trainers in North America.

About Terra Nova: We invite you to learn and explore Positive Reinforcement Training in a safe, welcoming place. We offer learning opportunities for both equines and people, with the goal of creating closer connection and communication, and bringing positive reinforcement into the mainstream of training for equestrian sports. Discover new ground at Terra Nova.


 Contact information:
Jackson Pitman
Office Manager at Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center


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