Horsemen’s Laboratory Announces New Website

Horsemen’s Laboratory has been a leader in providing horse owners with a quick and easy method of testing for equine fecal egg worm counts for over 26 years. Their expertise provides accurate reports from their knowledgeable staff. The all-important added bonus of expert advice on all things equine parasitology from Dr. John Byrd, who is on hand to answer questions that may arise subsequent to the findings of those tests is a service much utilized by both amateur and professional horse owners.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website at effective immediately. The website has been revamped to improve the users experience, and offers horse owners a direct resource to the laboratory services at affordable prices. With the emerging crisis in dewormer resistance the recent FDA report has sited, it is more important than ever that horse owners are proactive in their horse deworming protocols. As always, Horsemen’s Laboratory is pleased to serve their needs and provide top quality assistance to keep horse deworming strategies effective,” explained Dr. John Byrd.

With over 75,000 tests completed, Horsemen’s Laboratory provides an exemplary experience for busy horse owners.

“It could not be easier to use,” explained international level Grand Prix dressage competitor/coach/clinician Nikki Alvin-Smith. “The samples kits come through the mail on auto-ship and we simply pack them tight with a manure samples taken from the middle of a manure ball, write up the info on the plastic bag and pop them in the mail in the prepaid envelope. With the level of dewormer resistance climbing, it is imperative that our equine athletes and breeding stock are kept in optimal health. The only way to know if your herd or farm is suffering from a dewormer resistant population of worms is to test (F.E.C.T) and retest. It has saved much money on unnecessary random deworming that we used to do before, where we worked on the rotational guidelines that were previously recommended. The AAEP have long recommended the F.E.C.T and F.E.C.R.T. as the cornerstone of equine parasitology control. The additional labeling request that the F.D.A. recently issued to pharmaceutical companies in regard to their approved dewormer products plus their statement that horse owners should use the F.E.C.T. and evidence based program makes sense to our team here at Willowview Hill International. I urge all horse owners to take the responsible approach and to optimize their horse health care regime by including this testing. Dr. John Byrd is extremely approachable and knowledgeable and it is well worth seeking his advice on this topic. You can host him for a clinic if you want to get your ‘boarders on board’ with this important educational input.”

Please visit the new website at to learn how you can bring your horse worm control protocol up to date.

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About Horsemen’s Laboratory: Established in 1993 by John Byrd D.V.M., an experienced lifelong horseman and a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. As an equine medicine practitioner in California for 13 years, Dr. Byrd served as ex-officio member of the board of directors of the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association where he also served as the organization’s official sales veterinarian.  In addition, Dr. Byrd frequently officiated, as veterinarian for horse shows sponsored by the management of Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California.  Dr. Byrd’s extensive experience with horses led him to observe how a horse’s health could impact performance leading to the founding of the specialist lab for equine fecal worm egg counts. Please visit to find out more about F.E.C.T. services available directly to the horse owner including; advice on equine fecal egg count testing; quick and easy purchase of test kits online; reporting and expert consultation services. Dr. Byrd enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge of equine parasitology with horse owners from all walks of life, and is available to provide lectures/symposiums for your club, organization or event. Please contact Dr. Byrd via his website for rates and further information.

 About Nikki Alvin-Smith: International and national published freelance writer and photographer in such world renowned publications such as The Chronicle of the Horse, Horse and Hound, Dressage and CT, Warmbloods Today, The Horseman’s Yankee Pedlar, Reiter, The Equine Journal, Spur, Hoofprints, Horsin’ Around, Horses All, Field & Stream, Western Horse and Gun, Pony Quarterly, Horses All Canada, Catskill Horse to name a few. Ghostwriting, blog services, PR/Marketing copy either direct with manufacturer or for agencies, copy editing and editor services also available. Nikki also produces catalog copy, white papers, e-books, corporate brochures and advertising copy for international corporations and PR/Marketing for celebrities.

As a Brit who has called the America home for the past 34 years, Nikki brings a unique perspective to the equestrian world. Nikki is also an accomplished Grand Prix dressage trainer/competitor, competing at international Grand Prix level to scores over 72% and is a highly sought clinician offering clinics worldwide. She has been a horse breeder/importer of warmblood and Baroque breeds for more than 25 years. Together with her husband Paul who is also a Grand Prix trainer, they run a private dressage breeding operation and training yard in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York. Please visit to learn more about the affordable freelance writing services on offer.

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