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 MAGAZINE EDITORS – Make your life easier

For over two years, I’ve put my editor’s minds at ease by always turning in well-researched articles with headlines, photos, and other niceties if needed, such as side-bars or sub-headings.

 EMERGENCY? – I have galloped to the rescue on several occasions. For instance:

  • A regular writer couldn’t finish an assignment.
  • There was a power outage which prevented a writer from completing their article,
  • A writer went out on maternity leave sooner than expected.

BUSINESS OWNERS – Need content marketing or trade show materials?

The grass is greener at palomino hill because I’m a copywriter who understands the horse business.

Lately, I’ve been busy creating e-books as lead magnets. Whether your business needs to capture emails via lead-magnets, engage prospects with e-mail marketing, or sell with a direct mail campaign, I can help.

Need to keep those customers engaged and build trust? Case studies, white papers, brochures, etc., are in my stable of products, too.

Need colorful visuals? Check out my marketing infographics at:


Palomino Hill Writing Services is growing like a yearling on high-protein feed! I’d love to help your business or publication by pitching article ideas, helping with content strategy, or providing an infographic for your social media. Visuals get 3x more shares than text.

Mosey on over, sling your reins over the hitchin’ post, and we can ponder your 2019 marketing plan, trade show materials, or articles that fit ‘just right’ into your editorial calendar.

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Debbie Curtis
Palomino Hill Writing Services

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