GGT Footing Welcomes New Sales Associate, Barb Dipalma

Barb Dipalma hails from New England and has been a horse owner for over 30 years. She has run Frog Field Farm equine clinician and consulting services since 1999. She has been involved in the equine industry as an ARIA Certified Level 2 Dressage & Hunt seat Instructor since 2004.

Since 2012, she holds an Open Horse Show Association Judge’s Card.

Barb is a Massachusetts Licensed Riding Instructor. She has been a Stable Manager, Trainer, Coach, and is an experienced scribe to Grand Prix.

She is currently bringing up a Half Arabian SportHorse gelding bred out her previous mare as an Endurance, Dressage, and low-level Event prospect.

Barb has worked in numerous selling and customer service companies and GGT Footing looks forward to sharing her success.

For more information on GGT- Footing(tm), please call Barb at 864-804-8664 or email

GGT- Footing(tm) is the equestrian division of Polysols Inc.


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