Speakers Announced for 42nd Annual American Youth Horse Council Symposium in the Palouse

he 42nd Annual American Youth Horse Council Symposium, will be held March 8-10, 2019 in the Palouse region of Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho. An annual highlight for the youth horse industry, this event brings together adult and teen leaders from all facets of the equine industry for three days of live demonstrations, presentations, education, discussion, exhibits, awards, and, of course, fun for all. This event presents an opportunity for adult and student leaders in the youth horse industry to come together to learn, network, share ideas and grow as an industry.

The symposium attracts a broad representation of adult leaders from breed associations, equine sport organizations, Cooperative Extension, universities, and the youth leaders from such groups as 4-H, U.S. Pony Club, American Quarter Horse Association, Arabian Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association and more. The AYHC Symposium strives to connect three main audiences involved in the youth equine industry:

  • Adult leaders and volunteers: those who teach, train, coach or mentor youth. This often includes 4-H volunteer leaders, ag education teachers, trainers, college students, summer camp program staff and more.
  • Equine industry professionals: those who organize youth equine programs often at the county, state or national level such as youth directors for equine associations, extension specialists and industry representatives.
  • Teen leaders: teens who are involved in a leadership role within a youth program such as officers, ambassadors, or junior leaders.

Pre-conference tours offer participants the opportunity to visit local equine facilities and gain an insight into the regional equine industry. The Palouse region tours will include:

  • Appaloosa Horse Club and Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center
  • Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Idaho Department of Animal and Veterinary Science
  • McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital
  • Post Falls Equestrian Center
  • Hickman Saddlery

The 2019 event will boast many nationally respected presenters assembled to share their keys to successful youth horse programming and horse management. Workshops include the following topics

  • Increase Body Awareness for Increased Performance – Cindy Goldade (In-Motion Intelligence, LLC)
  • Confidence is the Name of the Game – Leslie Cook (Feather Equestrian Academy)
  • Oral Reasons for Horse Judging – Josh & Andrea Rice (Penn State University Extension)
  • Setting a Mounted Orienteering Ride – Debbie Williams (Washington State University) and Heidi Thomas (WSU 4-H and IOU Cattle Co)
  • Take a Walk Down Nutrition Lane – Amber Krotky (MARS HorseCare US, Inc.)
  • And They're Off…Developing Industry Partnerships to Provide Educational Youth Experiences – Andrea Kocher, Bethany Bickel and Lew Tremble (Penn State University)
  • Why the Dressage Training Scale Can Benefit Horses of All Disciplines - Cassie Soule (Weathering Springs Training)
  • Multi-Sensory Strategies for Reaching a Multitude of Learning Styles - Cindy Goldade (In-Motion Intelligence, LLC)
  • Say Nay to Negativity: How Horses Can Teach Us to Find Lifelong Happiness – Dr. Jenifer Nadeau (University of Connecticut)
  • How Animals Learn – Wendy Hein (Oregon State University Extension)
  • The Knotty Pony: Safe and Effective Knot Tying for Horse Owners – Dr. Flint, DVM & Dr. Kelly-Prince, DVM
  • Fun with a New Teaching Tool: SCRUB (Science Creates Real Understanding of Biosecurity) Kit – Dr. Betsy Greene (University of Arizona Cooperative Extension)
  • Manure Mystery: Clues for Solving Your Problems with Horse Manure – Dr. Christine Skelly & Erica Rogers (Michigan State University Extension)
  • A Case for Change: A Movement to Bridge the Skills Gap in the Equine Workforce – Laurie Mays (Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) and KY Chamber of Commerce)
  • Marketing to Different Generations – Christy Landwehr (Certified Horsemanship Association)
  • Things to Consider When Writing, Preparing for and Giving A Public Speech – Tammy Sweat-Chipman (R Bar T Quarter Horses)

Featured speakers and activities include:

  • Keynote Speaker - Jesse Budd, former Miss Rodeo Washington
  • How Equine Assisted Learning Can Lower Adolescent Stress - Dr. Patricia Pendry (Washington State University)
  • Table Top Exercise - Evacuation of a Large Riding Stable - Facilitators – Dr. Cynthia Faux, Dr. Lane Wallett, and Dr. Julie Carey – Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

The symposium also includes live demonstrations at an arena to showcase the local equine industry. 2019 arena demonstrations include:

  • Cutting horse demonstration - (Jason Schaaper)
  • Equine dentistry - (Elizabeth Davies)
  • Tack and general horse safety - (Christy Landwehr, Certified Horsemanship Association)

Make your plans to join the youth horse industry in the Palouse! The 42nd Annual AYHC Symposium will provide you with take home tools to teach youth about safe and effective horsemanship. This non-breed specific, interactive curriculum presents equine knowledge that transfers from the book to the barn and beyond. Visit ayhc.com/symposium-2019 for registration information. Early bird registration ends February 15, 2019.  Significant discounts available for AYHC members.

The American Youth Horse Council is the umbrella organization providing leadership and resources to serve and promote the youth horse industry. AYHC strives to support the youth horse industry with factual and quality educational materials and to engage the participation of all breeds and disciplines within the industry. For more information about AYHC or for symposium details, please visit www.ayhc.com.

Danette McGuire, AYHC Executive Director
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