Original Equinista Joins Active Riding Trips to Deliver Adventurous Content From Around the World

It’s all about the experience for today’s travelers, which is why Active Riding Trips of Stanfordville, NY has hired AHP Media Awards-winning writer and equinista, L.A. Sokolowski, to create compelling content based on its real-life, global riding adventures, that will be available for editors in equine and/or travel publishing.

Embarking on this adventure with Active Riding Trips, Sokolowski cites that – according to the US Travel Trends 2019 Report – travel continues to be about experiences and travelers expect to be even more adventurous this year. Gen Z and Millennials are most likely to combine leisure travel with volunteering or learning a new skill; Boomers want to explore foreign countries that are new to them (37%); Gen X’ers want to trek to national historic sites (34%).

“Networking and putting yourself out there are key to freelancing success,” she said. “I followed Active Riding Trips on Instagram (swooning over their trips in France riding through fields of lavender), but didn’t meet founder Stacey Adams until Equis Art Gallery in Red Hook hosted a reception she was underwriting. We started talking about (what else?) horses and riding, and realized that she has a deep well of stories and images to offer as editorial packages.”

With March and St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, Sokolowski is turning her wordsmithing to a look at riding through Ireland. “And that,” she grins, “is no Blarney.”

Want great travel content? Just ask latheequinista@gmail.com or learn more about Active Riding Trips at www.activeridingtrips.com.

Contact: L.A. Sokolowski
(646) 920-9510

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