Kathryn Dando, LLC Media Group is Pleased to Announce a Sales & Marketing Focused Leadership Resource

Kathryn Dando, LLC Media Group is pleased to announce a sales & marketing focused leadership resource.  The company will provide start-ups, small to mid-size companies and content brands with custom plans to drive growth and revenue.  We understand the challenges you face and offer the following solutions to meet your needs:

  • Outsourced Leadership

Sales and Marketing strategic leadership is desired, but resources do not allow for a full-time, permanent staffing position.  Partnerships are customizable based on the evolving needs of the client.

  • Integration of Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams often work in separate silos within organizations. My experience in both fields can help to align these critical departments.  A unified vision and roadmap for all team members working towards the same goals for your company’s success.

  • Just Need Another Hand

Your leadership team is immersed in running the day-to-day business. A flexible resource is needed to provide perspective on growth strategies, refine the vision, develop an actionable plan, and guide implementation for clear, measurable results.

Service offerings will include: Brand Strategy & Implementation, Media Strategy & Implementation, New Business Development, Sales Management and Strategic Relationship Management.

About Kathryn Dando, LLC Media Group:  Kathryn Dando, LLC Media Group provides a sales and marketing focused leadership resource for start-ups, small to mid-size companies and content brands. We provide outsourced, consultative sales and marketing services to drive growth and increase revenue. Our belief in strong partnership with your organization drives development and implementation of the strategies that are in alignment with the vision and the goals of the client.  For information visit https://kathryndandollc.com or call (717) 732-6468.

For additional information, contact:
Kathy Dando, President & Owner
Kathryn Dando, LLC Media Group
Phone: (717) 732-6468 / Email: kathy@kathryndandollc.com



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