HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK: The Most Innovative eBook for the Equine Industry

HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK is a brand new creative holistic resource guide that provides a wealth of holistic knowledge, easy access to healthy equine choices, and strategic B2B networking within the equine community.

The HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK has been lovingly created to help give mindful equestrians direct access to quality resources, and knowledge, regarding holistic alternatives for optimal horse health.

And the best part is – it’s FREE! HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK generously shares more than 200 live links giving instant direct access to healthy equestrian choices. Click on any of the multitude of direct live links provided to delve even deeper into any topic of further interest.

Everything needed for a healthy horse is just a quick click away. Organic feed, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, nutraceuticals, non-toxic pest deterrents, and much more!

Exclusive discounts are available with our one-of-a-kind Product Promo Page. This unique bonus gift is packed full of special offers that will be updated regularly and continuously.

Created to be a one stop resource guide for information from some of the worlds’ leading veterinarians and other equine experts, all compiled into a wide ranging comprehensive - yet easy to use in-depth guidebook.

The foundational premise for the HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK is to provide free resources for equestrian consumers AND free advertising for the brands, products, and published articles found throughout this free ebook.

Creatively offering free advertising to the live links throughout the ebook sets the stage for exponential exposure for all. Instead of brands paying monetarily for this target direct marketing, all that is needed to enjoy this potentially viral exposure is to share HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK out to existing social media, email contacts, and subscribers.

With an unprecedented forum of two-way sharing of blogs and promos, HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK wishes to provide the holistic horse community with an interactive network with unlimited B2B sharing.

HEALTHY HORSE HOLISTIC HANDBOOK is looking forward to sharing informative and engaging blogs, podcast, videos, product spotlights and interviews with some of the most respected experts in the holistic equine arena.

For more information on the Healthy Horse Holistic Handbook, please visit email us at, or call us at (661) 821-7014 and please follow us on Facebook. Also, be sure to check out these two wonderful equine products also created by Shelly Black: for a natural, safe, effective tick deflective spray and Serene By Nature equine calming cream for improved focus, calmness and reduced spookiness.

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