Ariat Tek Performance Socks, Tribute Equine Nutrition’s Horse Treats, and Farnam’s Sand Clear Receive Positive Good Horsekeeping Product Reviews 

"We were quite excited about Ariat Tek Performance Socks as they not only stay up but they are quite comfortable," said Laurie Cerny, editor of  “For anyone who wears boots these socks are a must.  They are also very affordable."

Farnam's Sand Clear was tested as a psyllium treatment for the possible prevention of sand colic in horses.

Cerny said, "Some horses aren't too crazy about eating unprocessed psyllium as it generally needs to be wetted when added to their grain, and then it sticks to their teeth."  She added, "Sand Clear, however, offers psyllium in a nice grain size pellet form and has added molasses and apple favoring, which helps with palatability."

Tribute's Horse Treats were also tested and Cerny said what she liked best was that they were a safe size to feed all classes of horses, and that they were very aromatic.

"When you use treats you want them to be enticing.  Tribute's Horse Treats have an awesome smell, which is a very nice feature when using a treat to catch elusive horses, or when using to encourage a horse while doing stretching exercises."

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