Horizon Structures Adds New Products for 2019

Great partnerships begin with great products and in 2019 Horizon Structures L.L.C. is pleased to announce the addition of two ‘make life easier’ offerings that every horse owner will appreciate.

Kicking off at the recent PA Horse World Expo, the selection of four fabulous feeders that provide horse owners with an affordable method to reduce hay wastage was a huge hit with visitors to the Horizon Structures exhibit. During the event Horizon Structures provided a feeder as a Grand Prize to the winner of Rescued to Stardom event, “10 Adoptable Horses, 10 Trainers and 90 Days to Stardom.” A well-deserved win went to Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue, Lancaster, PA.

Horizon Structures offers a variety of hay feeder designs to suit small or large square/round bales. The line-up provides a perfect product for every size horse farm operation.

Why use a hay feeder? Hay consumes a considerable portion of the supplies budget and any hay wasted is necessarily a waste of money. By using a hay ring or hay feeder, horses will not have the opportunity to soil or trample the hay. A feeder also provides horse owners with the option to provide more than one day’s worth of hay at a time, which saves both time and labor.

Mark Zook, Project Manager at Horizon Structures, explained why equine hay feeders have been added to their product line:

“We have had a lot of requests over the years for hay feeders and now we have partnered with a shop that builds high quality horse feeders for very good prices. We believe that the more we can serve our customers the happier they will be, hay feeders and horse barns go hand in hand. We want to provide them for our customers so now they can get their barn and feeder all in one shipment. If the customers are local we can ship them fully assembled. If they are located in farther locations we can ship them in a kit for that is very easy to put together and it saves a lot on shipping since they are in kit form.”

As a leader in the modular horse barn field, Horizon Structures is continually looking for innovative methods to save their customers costs. While the hay feeder will save money on hay, their new urethane stain product will also aid horse owners by saving them labor and time on barn maintenance. The new stain provides a beautiful semi-transparent finish and lasting protection from the elements.

“With our current/’old’ stain, building would need to be re-stained within 3-4 years.  The ‘new’ urethane stain is a little more expensive up front; however, re-staining should not be needed until about 10 years.  So, there is a definite savings over the long term. The stain comes with a 5-year color and UV breakdown warranty and a 15-year adhesion warranty. We are charging 15% of the cost of the barn for us to stain it,“ explained Chief Marketing Director, Jill Siragusa.

Horizon Structures is proud of their ability to ‘deliver’ top quality horse housing, kennels, coops, outdoor living structures and playsets nationwide. Please visit their website at https://www.HorizonStructures.com to learn more and download their free Perfect Barn Buying Guide .

By Nikki Alvin-Smith

About Horizon Structures:  One horse or twenty, there's one thing all horse owners have in common...the need to provide safe and secure shelter for their equine partners.  At Horizon Structures, we combine expert craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials and smart "horse-friendly" design to create a full line of sheds and barns that any horse owner can feel confident is the right choice for their horses' stabling needs.

All wood. Amish Made. Most of our buildings are shipped 100% pre-built and ready for same-day use. Larger barns are a modular construction and can be ready for your horses in less than a week. All our barn packages include everything you need -

Horizon Structures also sells indoor riding arenas, chicken coops, dog kennels, 1 and 2 car garages, storage sheds and outdoor living structures.

Headquartered in South-Central Pennsylvania, Horizon Structures, LLC is owned by Dave Zook.  Dave was raised in the Amish tradition and grew up working in the family-owned shed business.  He started Horizon Structures in 2001 in response to an ever-increasing customer demand for high quality, affordable horse barns.

For additional information about the company or their product line, please visit their website at https://www.horizonstructures.com.

 Horizon Structures LLC, Atglen, PA
Jill Siragusa
Tel: 888 447 4337

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